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Pig slaughtering needs to speed up the construction of integrated machinery

since January 1, 1998, the State Council has promulgated and implemented the regulations on the administration of pig slaughtering. Remarkable results have been achieved in standardizing pig slaughtering, improving the quality of pig products, and ensuring the safety of people eating meat. In 2013, the State Council decided to transfer the pig slaughtering management function of the Ministry of Commerce to the Ministry of agriculture. Since then, pig slaughtering management has entered a new stage

pig slaughtering needs to speed up the construction of integrated machinery

current situation of China's pig slaughtering industry:

1) promote production increase: the total production of pigs and pork increased

in 2013, China sold 715.57 million pigs, an increase of 3.6% over 327 outdoor sound barrier last year, and the output of pork was 54.93 million tons, accounting for 50.6% of the total global pork output, an increase of 2.8% over the previous year. Pork is the main variety of Chinese meat food, accounting for 64.3% of the total national meat output

2) pressure points: the number of pig slaughterhouses (farms) decreased

from 2011 to 2012, the Ministry of Commerce and other nine departments jointly carried out the examination and clearance of the qualification of designated pig slaughtering in the country. In strict accordance with the conditions and standards stipulated in relevant laws and regulations, all regions and relevant departments have reviewed and cleaned up the designated pig slaughterhouses and small pig slaughterhouses nationwide, although the price is one of the major factors considered by the purchaser. The number of designated pig slaughterhouses (farms) was reduced from 5919 to 4585, with a reduction of 22.5%; The number of small pig slaughterhouses decreased from 14019 to 10135, with a reduction of 27.7%. The total number of pig slaughtering enterprises decreased from 19938 to 14720, a decrease of 5218, a decrease of 26.2%. At the end of 2012, the situation of the national pig slaughtering industry was that 4585 designated pig slaughtering enterprises were counted by the Ministry of Commerce, accounting for 31% of the pig slaughtering industry; There are 10135 small pig slaughterhouses, accounting for 69% of the light that can pass through the industry. Small pig slaughterhouses account for about 70% of the industry

3) ensure safety: severely punish illegal slaughtering and strengthen quality and safety supervision

according to the relevant statistical data of the Ministry of agriculture, more than 300million pigs have passed the quarantine inspection of designated slaughterhouses (farms). Based on 700million pigs sold nationwide, quarantine inspection pigs account for only 42.8% of the total

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