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A piece of wrapping paper of Ningbo 200 more than 40 years ago caused friends to be nostalgic

the number on this wrapping paper of Ningbo 200 more than 40 years ago was still four digits yesterday. Princess youmumu posted a wrinkled old wrapping paper on her microblog, which caused many friends to be nostalgic

the collection of old wrapping paper is still valuable

on the Weibo photos released by Princess Mumu, I saw that this wrapping paper was well preserved, and there were not many broken ones. The growth rate continued to slow down, resulting in a large amount of VOC loss. The packaging paper is also clearly printed with the red words of the state-run Ningbo No. 2 department store, and the address below shows Dongfanghong street, which is a 4-digit number such as 2677

Princess Mumu said that this wrapping paper was left by her mother when she was a child and has been well preserved at home. Yesterday, she found it and posted it on Weibo

the wrapping paper of more than 40 years ago is rare. It's really intentional. I really want to know the story behind this wrapping paper. Who will tell it. For a time, this Weibo attracted the attention of many friends after the completion of the two automobile lightweight parts production lines and four full-automatic piston production lines in the phase II Industrial Park. You said that in the memory of Ningbo people, 200 has a long history, and old Ningbo has a lot of feelings for this mall, which is a must visit place for Ningbo people

wrapping paper recalls the memory of 200 old employees

yesterday, when I came to Ningbo No. 2 department store at the east gate, Gan Anguo, the manager of the group buying department, was interviewed. Coincidentally, Gan Anguo was the Department Director of the 2677 on the wrapping paper

its collet attachment

at that time, my department was the textile department. This department was from our business department. I guess it should be the wrapping paper used to wrap cotton cloth. After reading the Weibo, manager Gan said that according to the written record of the highest instructions on the wrapping paper, it should be 200 wrapping paper from the late 1960s to the mid and late 1970s. At that time, people usually bought a few feet of cloth with cloth tickets during the Spring Festival. After customers bought cloth, the store rolled up the cloth with this kind of wrapping paper. In those days, the wrapping paper was kraft paper with good quality. Department stores use this kind of wrapping paper, first of all, to ensure that the cloth will not spread, and second, this is also a 200 piece of advertising paper

manager Gan told him that he was from 1978 to 200, when he was only 25 years old. This piece of wrapping paper had been in place before he came to work. Seeing this wrapping paper, he immediately recalled his memory back to more than 30 years ago. The Dongfanghong Street on the wrapping paper is now Zhongshan East Road. In 1997, we rebuilt 200 on the original site. At that time, our business scope was much larger than now, ranging from needles and thread balls to bicycles and baby carriages. People can buy almost all daily necessities at 200. Because of this, 200 was the shopping paradise of Ningbo people in those days. This wrapping paper is a historical witness

Ningbo Department store has 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, six brothers and sisters. With the fierce competition in the market economy, in addition to 200, several other department stores have disappeared

200 Zhongshan East Road, which is still located at the east gate; Laobai is located at No. 1, yaohang street, and now it is the Baibai second-hand trading market; Threehundred was originally located at the intersection of Jiefang Road and Zhongshan Road, next to the original women's and children's supplies store; 400 is located near the center of the current Hang Lung; Fivehundred is located at the intersection of Renmin Road, steamship wharf and Station Road on the North Bank of the river; Sixhundred is located in houtang street, Jiangdong, formerly known as the upstream department store, next to the Shangri La Hotel

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