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China Unicom took the lead in launching the resale pilot of IOT, and held a virtual business partner Conference on January 12, 2021. The virtual business partner conference of China Unicom with the theme of Zhilian's future win-win ecosystem was held in Beijing in the form of live + video. The conference aims to launch the pilot of IOT resale and promote the high-quality development of mobile resale business. Chen Jiachun, a first-class inspector of the information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, fan Yunjun, deputy general manager of China Unicom Group, representatives of 28 virtual operators, and personnel from relevant departments of China Unicom headquarters and subsidiaries attended the meeting

in his speech, Chen Jiachun fully affirmed the achievements made by China Unicom in the development of resale business, and stressed that he would unswervingly support the transformation and development of resale business, unswervingly strengthen the supervision of market environment, and create a fair and orderly market development environment. The new infrastructure brings new opportunities, and the integration and innovation of IOT and the industry are accelerating. It is hoped that Unicom and virtual operators will jointly promote the resale pilot of IOT, empower the real economy, and achieve high-quality and sustainable development of industries and enterprises

fan Yunjun said that China Unicom firmly implements the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to support the reform and development of private enterprises, attaches great importance to the development of mobile resale business, and will continue to adhere to the cooperation concept of active opening-up and win-win cooperation. Guided by the new development concept, China Unicom will cultivate new development initiatives to promote the upgrading and transformation of resale business, The length measurement method is to confirm the wear amount according to the change of the normal dimension of the friction surface before and after the experiment, build a new ecosystem of cooperation, promote the high-quality development of resale business, and work together with partners to become an important participant, creator and enabler of the country's new development pattern

Zhang Yunyong, general manager of China Unicom product center, made a keynote speech on promoting the high-quality development of mobile resale business. He pointed out that while leading the development of domestic resale business, China Unicom innovated to enable the resale business to develop with high quality and high efficiency, and took the lead in responding to the resale of IOT, organized to formulate an open plan for the failure control of efficient, flexible and safe mechanical parts, and will continue to strengthen market collaboration and expand the industry cake with partners

developing IOT business is an important measure for the country to promote the construction of new infrastructure and empower the real economy. At the meeting, the launch ceremony of IOT resale test foamed plastic was held. Assuming that it did not go through the acceptance and utilization point, seven enterprises such as Lenovo communications, youyou Internet and Hongdou Telecom became the first batch of pilot cooperative enterprises for China Unicom's IOT resale. The resale business of IOT, together with the basic resale business, will become a two wheel drive for the development of resale business, which will provide strong support for partners to develop from a connected enterprise to a provider of platforms, ecosystems and solutions, and to completely change the development mode and development momentum

representatives of virtual operators such as Xiaomi mobile shared their experience in the development of resale business and their thoughts on the future of resale business. They agreed that under the background of information consumption upgrading and digital technology iteration, only by embracing the future and boldly exploring market segments and vertical fields can we create a new blue ocean of resale business

mobile resale business is an ice breaking move for the country to deepen the reform of the telecommunications industry and an important decision-making deployment to encourage and guide the healthy development of private capital. Virtual operators give full play to their advantages of flexible decision-making and rapid market response, innovate and explore boldly, stimulate the innovation vitality of the telecommunications industry as a whole, and better meet the people's increasingly rich needs for a better intelligent life. As an important part of the new infrastructure, IOT will bring broader development space for the development of mobile resale business

after seven years of business development, China Unicom and virtual business partners have jointly created many firsts in the development of mobile resale business. China is now the largest and most active resale business market in the world. It is expected that the production and sales of hbcdd will increase significantly. China Unicom and its partners have become the leading forces to promote the development of domestic resale business. In the future, China Unicom will, as always, work hand in hand with its partners to jointly create a healthy and prosperous new mobile resale ecosystem

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