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With the consent of the State Council, the list of pilot areas (cities) for the second phase of the three convergence (telecommunications, radio and television, and Internet) was announced today (4th), and Haikou became one of the second batch of 42 pilot cities. Later, it was learned from the provincial communications administration that the three integration project was listed as one of the top ten infrastructure projects in Hainan during the 12th Five Year Plan period. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Hainan's "three integration" project completed an investment of about 12billion yuan. The main construction projects include eight projects, including two-way transformation of cable television and island wide coverage

it is understood that the "three convergence" refers to the evolution of telecommunications, radio and television, and interconnection to broadband communications, digital television, and in short, the next generation of interconnection. Through technological transformation, the three networks tend to have the same technical functions, the same business scope, network interconnection, resource sharing, and can provide users with voice, data, radio and television and other services. Three mergers do not mean the physical integration of the three networks, but mainly refers to the integration of high-level business applications. Three convergence is widely used in many fields, such as intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government work, public safety, safe home and so on. In the future, you can watch TV and watch TV, play TV and watch TV on the computer. The three intersect with each other, forming a pattern in which you have me and I have you

according to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Communications Administration Bureau, the investment of Hainan's "three integration" project is about 12billion yuan, and the main construction projects include the following eight items: first, the two-way transformation of cable television and the coverage of the whole island; Second, Chinatelecom Hainan communication network construction; Third, Chinatelecom mobile communication network coverage site construction; Fourth, the construction of the communication network of the high-speed railway around the island; Fifth, the construction of China Mobile's "wireless provincial" network communication project to achieve 100% coverage of 2g/3g networks in cities and towns across the province, and comprehensive "td+wlan" wireless broadband coverage in government departments, star hotels, airports, convention and exhibition centers, important transportation hubs, key scenic spots and industrial parks, large commercial places, key universities and other regions in the province; Sixth, China Mobile's urban optical network communication tools have overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection devices; Seventh, China Unicom Hainan network construction; Eighth, the construction of five information centers of China Unicom. Build mobile broadband Internet data center, international call center, audio and video entertainment center, e-commerce center, terminal application software support center, etc

it is reported that the goal of "three convergence" is to realize three interconnection and resource sharing, and the information service will shift from a single service to multimedia integrated services such as text, voice, data, image and video. It is bound to form a demonstration belt action to greatly reduce infrastructure investment, simplify network management and reduce maintenance costs. Due to friction and heat generation, the temperature rise and network performance of the sample will be improved, and the scope of business provision will be expanded. Major operators will grab food in one pot, and the tariffs for watching TV, going online and playing TV may be reduced. It is of great significance to improve the informatization level of the national economy and society, meet the increasingly diverse production and living service needs of the people, stimulate domestic consumption, and form a new economic growth point. Haikou

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