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Pierre Eloy was appointed as the managing director of Sennheiser Greater China

audio expert Sennheiser has appointed Pierre Eloy as the managing director of the Greater China subsidiary. The appointment was announced by Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser, CO CEO of Sennheiser. Eloy will be based in the company's Beijing office to manage the teams in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Daniel Sennheiser said: we warmly welcome Pierre Eloy to Sennheiser Greater China. Pierre has brought a wealth of experience in sales and market operations in China, which is extremely valuable for guiding the development of the company, because we are actively exploring the huge potential of new growth and innovation in this exciting region. Test speed setting

pierre Eloy joined Sennheiser on December 1, 2015. Before that, he served as CEO of novofibre and was resident in the company's Beijing office. He has more than ten years of comprehensive management experience and focuses on European investment in China. Pierre holds an MBA from Kellogg School of business and a Bachelor of Science in business administration

audio expert Sennheiser is one of the world's leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems. Headquartered in vidmark, Germany, near Hannover, it has its own production plants in Germany, Ireland and the United States, and actively carries out business in more than 50 countries. Through long-term partners and 18 sales subsidiaries, the company provides innovative products and cutting-edge audio solutions, which are optimized according to the needs of customers. Founded in 1945, this family business now has 2700 employees around the world who are passionate about audio technology. Since 2013, Daniel Sennheiser and Andreas Senn, the third-generation heirs of Sennheiser group, any excess weight is fatal to cars. Heise can continuously and massively conduct metal impact experiments. Dr. R is responsible for the operation of the company. The following standards of Sennheiser group in 2014 are carefully understood. The turnover is about 635million euros

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