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Piercian: light curtain is used in the field of Magic - to ensure the safety of stage channels

ehrlich brothers magicians belong to entertaina "Ment GmbH Co. kg., the latter was founded in 2005. The company is headquartered in binder, near Bielefeld, where the changing stiffness of components will remain unchanged. It organizes tours for magicians to ensure the smooth progress of their performances.

Ehrlich brothers often attracts audiences with fascinating illusions in their performances. In all processes, the interaction between magic and technology must be stable and safe. Pierrer magnetic's three categories The light curtain psenopt II provides guidance for the technology in the action area to ensure that the camera moving at the edge of the stage is safely monitored

safe access to the backstage area

the camera is installed on a slider and quickly crosses the channel to the backstage area towards the front of the stage. Initially, flashing lights were used to warn that the sliding camera was approaching. The current solution is to optimize this concept, increase the safety of stage technicians and eliminate misoperation. After all, on the one hand, the cobalt price is rising. The three kinds of hand protection light curtain psenopt II of Er magnetic ensures the safety of the dangerous area. When the camera moves, if someone touches or touches the first pair of light curtains, the camera will immediately stop sliding. Only when people pass through the second light curtain, the area will automatically reset and the camera will start moving again. Through such changes, Ehrlich brothers can happily focus on the dramatic elements of their performance and present a perfect illusion

in our industry, we rely on direct contact, fast decision-making process and reliable service. With the first-class products and solutions tailored for us, pierremagnetic convinced us to choose the right partner. Jannik tr dtmann, the production manager, commented on pierremagnetic's rising raw material and energy costs

list of advantages of the solution:

class 3 light curtain psenopt II is suitable for applications of PL D level and below

the response time of the light curtain is extremely short, ensuring the shortest distance to the dangerous area

even if the stage technology is regularly assembled and disassembled, it can also provide reliable safety

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