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Gansu pilot methanol fuel production promotion

Gansu Provincial Commission of industry and information technology released the notice on doing a good job in the pilot work of methanol fuel promotion before last year, accelerating the pace of methanol fuel promotion, standardizing the construction of methanol fuel filling stations, and promoting the development of methanol related industries in Gansu

The notice points out that Gansu Province will actively study and issue relevant preferential policies to support private enterprises to participate in the development of methanol fuel industry, engage in the construction and operation of filling stations and the production and application of methanol stoves, boilers and other equipment. Gansu Province also requires local governments to take practical measures to fully encourage enterprises to enter the field of methanol fuel and accelerate the development of methanol industry. At the same time, Gansu Province will also do a good job in the production and promotion of civil methanol stoves and boilers

Gansu Province will further expand the production capacity of methanol and gasoline dual fuel ECU adaptive intelligent controller in some cases, promote the development of relevant equipment manufacturing industry and automobile refitting industry, and strive to complete the layout of methanol automobile refitting enterprises in 14 cities and prefectures in the province by 2015, develop more than 30 qualified refitting enterprises, and strive to achieve more than 10000 refitting vehicles every year. The active partner of the project aims to build a hull made of fiber-reinforced composite materials, support the development of professional methanol transportation and distribution enterprises, strive to reach more than 3 enterprises with a methanol transportation volume of more than 100000 tons by 2020, and the output value of methanol logistics will reach more than 1billion yuan, and strive to test the plastic deformation performance of thin plates and strips. In 2015, the production capacity of methanol additives will reach 10000 tons. In addition, Gansu will also do a good job in the R & D and production of methanol generators to realize the replacement of diesel and gasoline generators

at present, the methanol production capacity of Gansu Province has reached 800000 tons, and the production capacity of surrounding provinces in Gansu has exceeded 2million tons

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