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at present, the company is running normally every day, and individual manufacturers of Pilkington energy upwind tmlow for the Chinese market have raised 10 yuan/ton -e glass

meanwhile, Pilkington group and its partner Shanghai yaopi Co., Ltd. are planning to establish a second coating production line. Each production line will produce 100000 tons of energy upwind TM coating materials. Their combined production capacity will produce a large amount of energy-saving glass. These glasses can save up to 240000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year for plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials

"this will greatly promote China's goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

and will not have any negative impact on industrial production and employment." Dr. julianbarnes of China Construction Products said

nearly 300 people attended the launch ceremony held in Shanghai. The participants include some important households, government officials and leaders of the construction industry. At the same time, customers can have the opportunity to visit the Jiangsu factory and see the float line, coating materials and the finished products of Pilkington energy vantage tmlow-e glass

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