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The pilot cities of "Three Integrations" will be included in the "12th Five Year Plan"

Xu Qin, mayor of Shenzhen, said when informing the members of the proposal on developing the emerging information industry of "Three Integrations" led by radio and television, and promoting the upgrading of Shenzhen's information industry to the service and cultural industries, that on June 30, the State Council officially approved Shenzhen to become the first batch of national pilot cities of "Three Integrations", and also the only pilot city in Guangdong Province. At present, the relevant departments are preparing to incorporate the pilot work of "three integration" into the "12th Five Year Plan" of Shenzhen's national economy and informatization

issue the three integration pilot work plan

handle the briefing according to Xu Qin's proposal. On July 26, the municipal government held the three integration pilot work meeting and launching ceremony, comprehensively mobilized and deployed the three integration pilot work, issued the "Shenzhen three integration pilot work plan" and a series of implementation plans, and determined the objectives, tasks and safeguard measures of the pilot work, The suggestions in the proposal have been fully reflected in the above documents. In mid October, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government made a special report on this matter to the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions, imploring the relevant ministries and commissions to support Shenzhen to make a first try and make a breakthrough in promoting the three integration, and received a positive response

quickly launch special policies and regulations

in the next step, Shenzhen will focus on three aspects in promoting the three integration work:

first, promote the introduction of special policies and regulations for the three integration as soon as possible, take the lead in establishing an administrative management system, technological innovation mechanism, assessment and reward and punishment mechanism conducive to the implementation of the three integration, and accelerate the establishment of diversified investment and financing channels in line with the market mechanism, Walk out of a "Shenzhen path" of three successful integration and development

second, highlight the key points, build IPTV and TV integrated broadcast control platform next year and provide standardized interfaces in accordance with the principles of unified planning and construction and unified supervision and management; Actively carry out research on the key technologies of the next generation broadband information network, focusing on breaking through the core technologies in the fields of broadband interconnection, chip design, digital home, etc; Formulate three fusion information security standards, establish network information security assurance system, etc

third, promote the development of emerging industries related to the three convergence, and promote the application of mobile multimedia radio and television, IPTV, television and other three convergence services; Vigorously develop the digital content industry, focusing on the development of film and television animation, 3D games, creative design and other emerging cultural industries, and promote the agglomeration of the design industry and digital content industry; Vigorously promote the three integration business, carry out the Universiade next-generation Internet pilot commercial demonstration project, and gradually promote the construction of home IOT

playback of the proposal

the proposal on developing the three convergence emerging information industry led by radio and television and promoting the upgrading of Shenzhen's information industry to the service and cultural industry was put forward by eight members including Yuan Ming during the first session of the fifth CPPCC municipal committee. The proposal said that as a specific measure for the country and Shenzhen to change the mode of economic development and revitalize emerging industries, the three convergence is of great significance to the promotion of cultural industry The development of information industry and other modern service industries is of great significance. It is suggested that the municipal government should take the lead and work together with radio and television, telecommunications, China Mobile and China Unicom to build a city with tight space between the chuck seat and the oil cylinder before the three integration national demonstration, and introduce relevant policies to benefit citizens and industrial development as soon as possible

proposal handling process

after the proposal was handed over, the municipal government set up a leading group for handling the proposal, formulated a work plan for handling the proposal, and clarified the requirements of the host and joint organization units and division of labor. Mayor Xu Qin, vice mayor yuan Baocheng and Deputy Secretary General Gao Guohui held several coordination meetings respectively to strive to improve the efficiency and quality of handling. In the process of handling the proposal, on the one hand, the sponsor and the organizing units actively strengthened the communication with the proposal Committee of the municipal CPPCC and the proposer, conducted in-depth discussion on the content of the proposal and sought consensus, on the other hand, according to their respective division of labor topics, carried out in-depth research and solicited opinions for many times, carefully absorbed the opinions and suggestions, and when it reached the yield stage, the deformation of the sample in this section changed greatly and the force change was very small, which was repeatedly modified and improved, Finally, a more mature reply will be formed. Most of the proposals have been adopted and implemented. Shenzhen Special Zone News

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