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Atlas: as an enduring "century old store" in the photovoltaic industry, Atlas solar power is a solar photovoltaic enterprise founded in November 2001 by Dr. Qu Xiaohua, a "Thousand Talents Program" and a national distinguished expert. It was successfully listed on NASDAQ in 2006. It is China's leading photovoltaic integrated enterprise that has landed on NASDAQ in the United States. In just 10 years, Qu Xiaohua developed atlas from an overseas student enterprise into an international first-line brand in the solar photovoltaic industry

"at present, the most important thing is to try our best to do our own thing well, operate steadily according to the idea of" a century old store "of jc/t547 (2) 005 ceramic tile adhesive, and constantly practice our internal skills through technological innovation," Qu Xiaohua said in an interview

steady operation continues

2010 can be said to be the golden year of the photovoltaic industry. It seems that as long as you enter this industry, you can "make a lot of money". On the one hand, enterprises in the industry have expanded their production capacity, on the other hand, it also induces the crazy influx of funds from other industries. However, in 2011, the photovoltaic industry fell sharply from the previous commanding height, and enterprises were in trouble. Even some industry leaders could not escape, and the fuel efficiency could be increased by 6% to 8%; Every 100 kg reduction in curb weight of the vehicle. Take Wuxi Suntech, which is listed in the United States, for example. Its share price has plummeted from the peak of $90 to about $2 now, with a drop of 97%. It is widely rumored that Suntech is about to go bankrupt. Today, the situation of the photovoltaic industry is still not optimistic. The countervailing tax in the United States, the shutdown of many polysilicon enterprises, the layoffs of major photovoltaic enterprises, and a series of problems such as the lightweight of the engine cover with aluminum alloy have covered the photovoltaic industry, and the way of the photovoltaic industry is still uncertain

"in the seller's market, we may not get the highest profit margin, but when the market situation is very bad, we have the most sensitive response. Even in a small year, the global share of atlas will continue to rise." Qu Xiaohua said. According to its introduction, atlas has always held a flexible integration mode, not the whole industry chain, but only the midstream and downstream battery and photovoltaic module markets

"in addition, as the top five large photovoltaic module companies in the world, channel diversity has been established and customer relations are relatively strong, which makes it easier for atlas to balance and resist risks even in the period of industry transformation." Qu Xiaohua said that from investment, finance to customer relations, atlas has always adhered to a sound business philosophy, which has enabled us to avoid major risks. For example, other companies currently encounter a large number of convertible bonds maturing, or large-scale fixed asset investment can not continue, etc., Atlas will never exist

technological innovation cultivates internal skills

China's photovoltaic industry has always been known as an industry with "three heads outside" (that is, raw materials, core technologies, and product markets are all abroad). In Qu Xiaohua's view, among these "three heads", core technology is an important factor for enterprises to settle down and develop for a long time, and it is also a place that enterprises can change through their own efforts and innovation. Product innovation and differentiation are also the advantages of atlas

Qu Xiaohua told that atlas' investment in R & D remained above US $10 million per year, and the results of these large investments in R & D have begun to show slowly

"in order to achieve sustainable development, Chinese enterprises must work hard and move forward in technology, industry and mode transformation. Therefore, Atlas will continue to strengthen its investment in this regard." Qu Xiaohua said. It is because of this that atlas has achieved today's results. I believe that atlas will have a broader development in the future and become an enduring enterprise

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