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Pilot company adheres to the strategy of "building China's high-end lubricants"

pilot company adheres to the strategy of "building China's high-end lubricants"

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Guide: Daqing pilot Petrochemical Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, has always adhered to the brand strategy of building China's high-end lubricants, and has always been committed to producing clean, low sulfur lubricants. After eight years of development, pilotage has become an important force to promote the rapid development of domestic lubricants. Now it has 100000 tons of lubrication The industrial chain is not complete

Established in 2005, Daqing pilot Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the brand strategy of "building China's high-end lubricants" and has always been committed to producing clean, low sulfur lubricants. After eight years of development, pilotage has become an important force to promote the rapid development of domestic lubricants. Now it has a production capacity of 100000 tons of lubricating oil, a storage tank area of 30000 tons of raw materials, a three-dimensional storage center, and a dust-free filling workshop. At this time, the jaw should be replaced. The installation torque is made to reach a certain preload. The production technology has reached the international advanced level

the company's product line covers more than 1000 products in 8 series, including automotive lubricants, engineering machinery lubricants, motorcycle lubricants, industrial lubricants, greases, antifreeze, brake fluids, and automotive maintenance products. Since its establishment, the company has successively launched pilot, Jianbing, yunba, Zhulu, Bingchi, Hejie and other brand lubricants. It takes the lead in launching world-class super pure synthetic sn/gf-5 energy-saving and environmental friendly gasoline engine oil and CJ-4 synthetic diesel engine oil in China. The company not only provides a complete range of high-quality vehicle lubricants for various vehicles, but also provides special high-quality industrial oils for steel, metallurgy, electric power, coal, paper and other industries

in terms of product technology, the company cooperates closely with world-famous chemical enterprises such as American yafuton, runyinglian, Chevron and Lubrizol, establishes strategic partnership, adheres to the business strategy of leading science and technology, and keeps pace with international leading technology at all times

in 2007, Mr. Huang Guoliang, a former senior professor and lubrication technology expert of the Chinese Academy of petrochemical Sciences, joined the company, providing a strong driving force for the company's technological research and development

in 2008, the company reached a strategic cooperation with Harbin Institute of technology. The two sides signed an agreement on the "innovation and R & D base of Harbin Institute of technology", and established a friction and lubrication technology research and development center. In 2009, the company successfully developed the internationally leading anti-wear and energy-saving agent of nitrogen phosphorus boron organic rare earth, which has obtained national patent protection and won the cooperation of international scientific research institutions. CLS Corporation of Canada light source has provided advanced synchrotron radiation material characterization technical support for pilotage, which is used for the research of lubricating oil film formation. Pilotage products have passed the international advanced technology inspection of CLS Corporation, providing a strong guarantee for the scientific research and quality of the company's products

quality is the life of an enterprise. At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, the company established a comprehensive laboratory and purchased international advanced automatic equipment: CCS tester, spectrometer, MRV instrument. The company strictly inspects the purchase and acceptance of raw materials, the reconciliation of semi-finished products, finished products and other links, and strictly implements the retention and cancellation system of samples

since 2010, the company has successfully obtained the brake fluid production license issued by the State Administration of technical supervision, and has successively passed the American Petroleum Institute (API) Sn, SM, CJ-4, ci-4, ATF – VI certification, as well as the original factory certification of Cummins, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and other internationally renowned automobile engine manufacturers. The company has been awarded "Daqing famous brand product", "Daqing famous trademark", "Heilongjiang famous brand product", "Heilongjiang famous trademark" and other honors

in order to promote brand building, the company has established a number of brand image stores in all regions of the country and vigorously promoted the thousand store project; Put a large number of high-altitude street sign advertisements; Participate in the national automobile cross-country rally and the Northeast driver gold medal competition; Carry out science popularization activities around the pilot stage car; Various dealer sales meetings and brand promotion meetings have been held, which has greatly improved the popularity and reputation of the pilot brand

since 2010, pilotage has participated in the national auto parts fair and International Industrial Expo for many times. Accelerated the development of pilotage from regional market to national market. At the same time, as large industrial and mining enterprises have a deeper understanding of domestic lubricants, pilotage has successfully carried out in-depth cooperation with large industrial enterprises such as China building materials northern cement, Tonggang, Anshan Iron and steel, Baotou Iron and steel, Longmei group, Bayuquan port, etc., and pilotage products and services have been unanimously recognized and praised

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