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"New technology of programmable computer controller"

in the summer of 2009, Shanghai Institute of computer information technology and Xuhui District Amateur University jointly held a training course of "new technology of programmable computer controller PCC". 28 technicians from Shanghai Huiyi Hydraulic Control System Co., Ltd., Shanghai commercial aircraft Co., Ltd., Shanghai Bell Alcatel and other companies jointly studied and discussed the new programmable computer controller technology PCC technology based on the products of baccalais

speech by President Lin of Xuhui District Amateur University

the three-day training content was very rich, and the students gained a lot

in the morning of the first day, the principle of PCC time-sharing multitasking real-time operating system was introduced, and the principle and development of programmable computer controller were explained respectively. In the afternoon, based on the introduction of the programming platform of automation studio integrated UPVC pipe fittings for building drainage gb/t 5836.2 (9) 2, the students were explained how to establish the communication connection between the platform and the controller, and create projects on the platform

on the next day, taking the experiment - signal light control as an example, the students will actually operate on the computer at the same time, establish the project, learn ladder programming, debugging, simulation, and be familiar with the integrated programming platform of automation studio during the completion of their homework

in the morning of the third day, take the elevator control of Experiment 2 as an example, use C language structured language programming to understand more knowledge of automation studio, such as the use of function functions and their libraries, as well as the management of function libraries, various data structures, the use of data modules, etc. In the afternoon, we mainly introduced the motion control of baccalais, and realized the configuration, programming and debugging of the motion axis control through the communication between real-time industrial Ethernet Powerlink, man-machine panel (NMI) and various servo motion controllers acopos. Finally, the technologies of multi unit synchronous linkage and electronic cam are demonstrated

issue certificates

some students attending the certificate issuance ceremony

after examination, the "new technology of programmable computer controller PCC" training course has been recognized by Shanghai information professional and technical personnel knowledge update training office. After the training, the continuing education certificate of Shanghai human resources and Social Security Bureau was issued to this group of students at Xuhui District Amateur University

pvc and CPE are both produced by Qingdao Haijing Chemical Group Co., Ltd. now, this course has become the designated course for the knowledge updating training of Shanghai information professional and technical personnel

if you are interested in this training, please contact teacher Tang of the school:

Tang Qun


e-mail: tomson5@

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