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New technology of lunch meat packaging: flexible packaging is leading

the bagging and packaging experimental machine has very high requirements for accuracy. The packed lunch meat

carl buddig snake bugs brand lunch meat packaging won the silver medal for technological innovation because of its convenience and packaging characteristics. It innovates according to the needs of users and provides independent packaging. A package is divided into four small bags, and holes are punched between the small bags, so that each bag can be torn apart separately, which is not only convenient, but also can pack lunch meat products with different flavors in the same bag

the improved sealed packaging uses Curwood's new film, which is being patented. It applies Curwood's unique 7-layer ice coextrusion process. The details of the process are confidential, but the company points out that a rapid cooling technology is used in the process, and the resulting mold has high transparency and memory functions. These seven layers include pet, nylon, EVOH barrier layer and LLDPE. The pet in the outer layer has good stiffness to prevent the product from curling. Other advanced features include excellent folding, high transparency, excellent corner thickness, excellent formability and excellent forming bag memory function during critical stretch thermoforming. Curwood pointed out that in order to obtain advantages over ordinary metals in strength, toughness, weight and price, the forming temperature of ice film is lower than that of other films, which can reduce the wear and damage of packaging equipment and reduce the maintenance cost. This kind of membrane has good oxygen barrier property, and the oxygen transmittance is lower than 0.2 CCS, which can prolong the shelf life of products

laser marking lunch meat packaging

Pechiney company has developed a technology called lasertear, which is a linear laser marking technology. Its advantages are convenient, safe and resealable. This marking technology can create easy to open tear lines, which can fully meet the manufacturer's specifications. Hormel applied lasertear technology to install a sliding zipper on its premium lunch meat packaging bag. This unique laser scoring method won Pechiney a silver medal for technological innovation

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Hormel's double width horizontal thermoforming/filling/sealing packaging bag can hold 8 ounces of products, with a sliding zipper, which is installed on the film with linear laser scoring. This package uses five layers of coextrusion forming film, including nylon/adhesive/evoh barrier layer/eva sealing layer. The slide of the zipper is a five layer coextrusion product containing EVOH

pactiv`s hefty and Lide rite sliced cooked meat packaging have used this resealable technology since last summer. It is said that this is the first case of using a horizontal all-in-one machine to manufacture zipper packaging. A lot of research and development work on packaging design and overall sealing technology has enabled the packaging bag to maintain the taste and freshness of cooked meat after being opened and sealed for many times. Pechiney pointed out that lasertear scoring technology can carve directional lines, which can be linear or two-dimensional, and the scoring depth is accurately controlled. Because the score is extremely light, there is almost no trace on the finished product package, but it can be torn accurately according to this line, and the sliding zipper can also give full play to its function

Dan Miller, the packaging development manager of Hormel Foods, said, "we have adopted this sealing technology in the packaging of premium sliced meat, which not only brings us technical advantages, but also provides convenience for customers. We have reason to believe that this new comfortable zipper will become an industrial standard in the near future."

this packaging product is the result of everyone's joint efforts: Hormel and Pechiney have made efforts in film forming and sealing; Pactiv provides a charging sealing system; The equipment manufacturer has developed sr-2002 horizontal forming/filling/sealing machine. Another model of the company's machine can be used for vacuum packaging of products and heat sealing of zippers at the same time

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