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New anhydrous papermaking technology

at present, an important topic facing the papermaking industry is how to increase the output of high-quality paper while reducing energy, adjustable mechanical properties, water and raw material consumption. It is reported that the State University of plant polymer technology in St. Petersburg, Russia, has developed a process and equipment that not only does not pollute the environment, but also can efficiently produce high-quality writing and printing paper. This index passed the accelerated aging test results of 6000 to 20000 hours. The working principle of the new technology is aerodynamic molding, in which the wood fibers suspended in the high-speed air flow fall on the fast-moving metal for molding. High speed air flow plays an important role in process equipment

this new technology has the following advantages: (1) it is conducive to environmental protection; (2) The paper forming speed is high, up to 2000m, and the participants are expected to share their experience and achievements/min; (3) The size of the equipment can be reduced to% of the original; (4) The energy consumption of pulping is reduced to% of the original; (5) The cost of paper machine is reduced to% of the original; (6) The price of paper can be reduced by%. The advantages of this new papermaking technology should be emphasized: (1) the new process does not need water or chemical additives, so it is called anhydrous papermaking method, which will not pollute the environment and is conducive to environmental protection. (2) the pulp used in traditional paper machines can be used in new paper machines; (3) Because the papermaking process using the new equipment is relatively simple, the operation will be% faster than the traditional process

anhydrous papermaking technology because it does not use water, paper mills can be built anywhere, for example, in cities. Many countries have limited the development of paper industry due to water shortage. Now this problem has been solved

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