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The journey of new technology of Jiefang media starts from Kodak CTP

Shanghai Jiefang media Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiefang media Printing Co., Ltd.) is a newspaper printing enterprise jointly invested and established by Shanghai Aijian Trust Investment Co., Ltd., Jiefang newspaper group, Fujian Nanzhi Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jielong Industrial Co., Ltd., which mainly undertakes the printing of newspapers published by Jiefang newspaper group and all kinds of proxy printing newspapers at home and abroad

the company was founded in March, 2004 and officially put into production in 2005. Due to its famous family, Jiefang media printing company has been attracting attention in the industry since its inception, and its high starting point has laid a solid foundation for its future rapid development. The scope of the wood-based panel testing machine is mainly a major experimental testing equipment for the experiments required for plywood and other man-made panels. It has 4 Xiyan color high-speed rotary printing machines made in Japan, a total of 8 printing towers, 10 paper racks and 4 folding machines, and has a production capacity of 960000 pairs of open color newspapers per hour; It has the only full fold newspaper system in Shanghai, which can print four open and four consecutive full width pages, and can provide services for advertisers who need super large pages; It has the advertising paste system of hollyton company, which is first introduced in China. It can synchronously paste various specifications of cards and other promotional materials provided by customers on the designated position of the newspaper during the printing process, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding the amount of advertising information without increasing the page size

on the basis of such strong strength, Jiefang media printing company has stood out in the printing industry in just a few years. By 2008, its annual newspaper printing volume exceeded 1.1 billion, ranking among the top 30 newspaper printing enterprises in China; In 2008, Jinan experimental machine factory, formerly known as Jinan material experimental machine factory, was rated as one of the top 20 printing enterprises in Shanghai by Shanghai Publishing Bureau. Among them, Jiefang media is the only printing enterprise; In 2009, Jiefang media printing company, as a brand enterprise, became a newspaper printing enterprise recommended by Shanghai Publishing Bureau to the WorldExpo

is such a dynamic printing enterprise. From the beginning of its establishment, it has tried to apply new technologies such as CTP. In the process of exploring new technologies and the rapid development of the enterprise, Jiefang media printing company has formed an indissoluble bond with Kodak company. Kodak helps Jiefang media printing company in its development, whether it is equipment, consumables, technical support and after-sales service

the journey of new technology begins with Kodak CTP

in fact, Jiefang media printing company began its CTP journey as early as the beginning of its establishment, and it was at that time that it had its first cooperation with Kodak. According to Yu Shicai, manager of the Information Department of Jiefang media printing company, as early as 2005, the company introduced two Kodak CTP equipment at the beginning of its establishment. In China's printing industry in 2005, people were still in a wait-and-see situation for CTP technology. Jiefang media printing company was optimistic about the general trend of digital technology and resolutely introduced two CTPs. Manager Yu said: these two CTPs have brought us excellent publishing quality and let us see the advantages of CTP. However, due to the immature development of CTP technology in the early stage, the application of CTP is not very stable, and some small faults often occur

it can be said that Kodak opened the CTP application road of Jiefang media printing company. And the good relationship of mutual trust and cooperation with Kodak made it continue to be the leading edge with Kodak three years later. In August, 2008, Jiefang media Printing Co., Ltd. introduced three Kodak CTPs (tradsetter News) again through replacement. With the experience of using CTP in the early stage, the choice this time is more rational and practical. Manager Yu said: after years of CTP experience, we introduced CTP for the second time. We re examined the current market situation and the current application of Kodak CTP in the newspaper industry, and learned which CTP is the most mature and mainstream CTP in China. After many investigations, we finally chose Kodak Quansheng newspaper CTP. We believe that since this device can be favored by many enterprises, it must have its excellence

in addition, in the process of purchase, Jiefang media printing company also carefully considered the dimension 9 of CTP equipment spare parts Lower costs protect the problem. Manager Yu said: we believe that there should be no big problem in the maintenance of spare parts when choosing Kodak. We are in Shanghai, and Kodak's spare parts warehouse is also in Shanghai, which will be more convenient

located in Shanghai, Kodak's large parts warehouse in the Asia Pacific region is one of Kodak's three parts centers around the world. Professional logistics management teams and logistics suppliers need to use duckweed suppliers in this process to ensure the timely delivery of parts. At the same time, Kodak has also set up parts warehouses in Beijing and Shenzhen for domestic customers. At present, the total value of various inventory parts is more than $2million, which can meet Kodak's maintenance work to the greatest extent

CTP of three Quansheng newspapers realizes 100% CTP plate making

before the introduction of CTP of three Quansheng newspapers, Jiefang media printing company adopted the plate making method of walking on two legs, that is, one part adopts the traditional plate making method, the other part adopts the CTP plate making method. After the new CTP is in place, the stability and productivity of its CTP equipment have been significantly improved. According to manager Yu, at present, Jiefang media printing company has achieved 100% CTP plate making, becoming one of the few Chinese newspaper printing enterprises that have achieved 100% CTP plate making, which will also promote the further application of CTP in the newspaper industry

according to manager Yu, in fact, since the establishment of the factory in 2005, Jiefang media printing company has positioned the traditional plate making as a supplementary process. With the development of the newspaper industry and the continuous popularization of CTP technology, now basically all electronic documents are transmitted, so that the whole spell drying is completed on the front-end computer, and the control of plate quality in the back is centralized CTP

CTP plate making can be achieved 100%, and the continuous maturity of CTP equipment itself is indispensable. Manager Yu said: the reason why CTP has been difficult to improve the utilization rate in the newspaper industry for a long time is that at the initial stage, CTP technology maturity is low and faults are relatively frequent, and the cost of plates is relatively high. Now, the safety and efficiency of CTP plate making have been greatly improved, especially the price adjustment of CTP plate. From the perspective of the whole process flow, the overall cost has decreased a lot. At present, Jiefang media printing company uses the high-quality CTP plates provided by Kodak company. Its high-quality plates and CTP equipment provide a guarantee for the printing of high-quality newspapers

as we all know, Kodak Quansheng newspaper thermal CTP plate making machine has been successfully adopted by newspaper printing enterprises of different sizes around the world since its launch. It has five speeds to choose from, and can produce 60 to 240 printing plates per hour, which can fully meet the requirements of newspaper printing plants of any size. In addition, Quansheng newspaper direct plate making machine has a standard document format interface for newspaper printing, which can realize fast and reliable imaging; The equipment is compatible with semi-automatic or full-automatic version loading and unloading devices at the same time. The machine to machine accuracy of Kodak square light spot thermal imaging head, coupled with the dual imaging characteristics of thermal imaging, makes a stable and repeatable eye adjustment point structure possible

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