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New technology has become the king of the automotive industry

are Chinese consumers willing to pay more for new technology? When the DSG dual clutch transmission was introduced and the turbocharged engine was matched to almost all models, the doubt that Volkswagen once faced has miraculously turned into a wonderful business - the argument that some automakers insisted that "naturally aspirated technology is advanced enough" has become untenable, those large displacement engines have become outdated, and American manufacturers including general motors and Ford have rushed to follow up, Conspiracy theorists are willing to see this as a deliberately raised threshold of competition. Now, the scale advantage of Volkswagen is obvious. 90% of the 30 vehicles on display are equipped with advanced TSI engines and DSG transmissions

Shanghai General Motors also began to fully enjoy the benefits of its "green future" strategy launched in 2008. 1.6-liter, 2.0-liter turbochargers and a series of small displacement engines have even made this former oil tiger a disgrace. Eelcee, which carries the above engines, and an automobile supplier providing door modules, implemented a demonstration project. Regal, lacrosse and yinglang are both applauded and acclaimed

Fiat has always been a master. Its small displacement engine and dual clutch transmission are no inferior to Volkswagen, but before the whole vehicle is made in China, this technical advantage of the Italian giant is difficult to show. Even Hyundai Kia group, which has never owned such technology, is also planning to introduce vehicles with matching turbocharged engines to China in 2012

of course, new technologies are not only reflected in power. In the current automotive industry, even from the beginning of design, we have been trying to use new technologies in the fields of materials, safety and environmental protection, automotive electronics and so on to improve the quality of cars. Now let's take a look at the new technologies brought by auto manufacturers at this Shanghai auto show

will this be the next "conspiracy" of the technological revolution in the automotive industry

Audi Q3: high quality compact SUV

covers nearly 20 models of Audi a, Q and R series, forming the most powerful exhibition lineup of FAW Volkswagen Audi in the history of Shanghai auto show, and perfectly showing the brand value of "enterprising, noble and dynamic" inherited by Audi for a century

Audi Q3 will be launched globally and Q5 hybrid Quattro will be exhibited in Asia. This magnificent vehicle lineup shows the charismatic design, leading-edge technology and industry-leading quality of Audi products. The cross coup é Quattro concept car, which appeared at the Shanghai auto show in 2007, made Audi the first car brand to show the concept of high-end compact SUV. Audi spent four years trying to turn this concept dream into a reality, Audi Q3. As the first high-end compact SUV launched by Audi, Audi Q3 has opened up a new market segment for Audi

Audi Q3 inherits the dynamic design style of the cross coup é Quattro concept car. With uncompromising high-end quality, TFSI and TDI efficient powertrain, Quattro full-time four-wheel drive system, MMI multimedia interaction system and other high-end configurations, Audi Q3 interprets the brand-new definition of high-end compact SUV by the Audi brand

Volkswagen: develop technology and environmental protection at the same time

Volkswagen Group, which brings seven brands of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SIAT, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti, jointly appeared at the Shanghai auto show with the strongest lineup in history, among which the SIAT brand came to China for the first time. As the highlight of this auto show, there are three first models in the Volkswagen brand booth. Among them, the new generation beetle, which is launched worldwide, has brought unprecedented surprises with the most dynamic and tensile new design, as well as the two major characteristics of harmony and unity, innovative technology and economic and environmental protection

as a member of Volkswagen Group, seat, the largest automobile brand in Spain, made its debut in China for the first time. With the arrival of the seat brand, all seven passenger car brands under Volkswagen Group have landed in the Chinese market, which is one of the important measures for the development of Volkswagen Group in China. From 2012, seat will sell two models of Ibiza and Leon in China

"as an automobile brand sold in more than 70 countries around the world, the pursuit of a sense of design, vitality and dynamism are people's consistent impression of the seat brand." James Muir, chairman of seat, said that seat would inject fresh blood into China's auto market

General Motors: integrate future technology

with the theme of "creating a leading green future", Shanghai General Motors appeared at the Shanghai auto show with a strong lineup of its Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac brands, including 24 models such as Chevrolet Malibu Malibu Malibu and Buick envision concept cars

the new Chevrolet Malibu Malibu Malibu Malibu launched in the world was born on GM's most advanced medium and high-end vehicle platform. It is the first medium and high-end model of Chevrolet for the global market, and will be sold in nearly 100 countries and regions on six continents in the world in the future. Mairuibao fully demonstrates the genes of Chevrolet's three brands, and perfectly integrates the sports style design, driving fun control performance and environmental protection and energy-saving future technology, and will take this as a powerful tool to enter the domestic medium and high-end vehicle segment

in overseas markets, Chevrolet Malibu has a remarkable record. Since its birth in 1964, it has experienced the evolution of eight generations of models and received more than 40 industry awards worldwide. Since 2008, its cumulative global sales have exceeded 500000 vehicles

as the first SUV concept car launched by Buick brand in China, Buick envision is another Buick global concept car designed by Shanghai General Motors and Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center

Volvo: moving towards zero casualties

at this Shanghai auto show, Volvo cars showed its latest scientific and technological achievements in the fields of environmental protection and safety, continuing its core brand concept of more than 80 years

as the two masterpieces of Volvo's "drive green driving strategy", the V60 plug-in hybrid vehicle was launched in Asia. They also showed a number of innovative safety technologies, including the world's first pedestrian safety system and urban safety system. This indicates that Volvo cars is moving towards the long-term goal of "zero casualties" and "zero emissions" - by 2020, Volvo cars will have no fatal accidents or serious injury accidents; By 2020, the average carbon dioxide emissions of all Volvo models will be grams per kilometer until zero emissions are achieved in the future

the charming new S60 on the booth is equipped with a pedestrian safety system with automatic braking function, which can prevent cars from colliding with pedestrians or minimize collision injuries

the V60, the world's first plug-in hybrid vehicle with diesel engine, enables users to enjoy the best performance of electric vehicles and diesel vehicles at the same time

SAIC Motor: mass production of new energy vehicles next year

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited will exhibit more than 110 exhibition vehicles from 8 complete vehicle enterprises, more than 10 first models, and a number of self-developed new energy core components in the SAIC exhibition area of more than 11000 square meters in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The scale of participation is the largest in previous auto exhibitions

as the latest achievement in actively promoting the industrialization of new energy vehicles, SAIC exhibited five new energy vehicles and a number of core new energy components in the corporate image exhibition area, including the independently developed Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid car, Roewe 350 pure electric car, E1 pure electric concept car, Shanghai plug in fuel cell car, "leaf" concept car. Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid car, which will be unveiled for the first time, has a fuel saving rate of 50%, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 2.7L, and meets the national 5 emission standard. It will be put into mass production in 2012

the most striking thing is that the independent brand of SAIC passenger car Roewe will bring a newly developed SUV Roewe W5, aiming at the segment market with rapid growth. The W5 body size has an ultra long wheelbase of 2740mm, which is the best in its class. It is worth mentioning that this model adopts HFA high-strength off-road body structure and excellent off-road trafficability design, which are mostly used in famous SUV models such as Land Rover, Mercedes Benz G class and Jeep Wrangler

in terms of joint venture brands, Shanghai Volkswagen will display a B-class model jointly developed by China and foreign countries; Shanghai GM will launch Buick's first SUV concept car Buick envision; SAIC GM Wuling will display the first model of Baojun 630 under its own passenger car brand "Baojun"

Geely: the original super crossover car

divided by the three sub brands of global eagle, Dihao and England, Geely Automobile, with 36 complete vehicle exhibits and 9 powertrain exhibits, has once again overturned everyone's old impression of private automobile manufacturers. At the Shanghai auto show, Geely booth has three theme parks of powertrain technology, low-carbon technology and safety technology, as well as two experience centers of intelligence and bmba, with a total of 45 exhibits

a total of 28 models are distributed under the global eagle, emgrand and British brands this time. Geely's future model products will be evenly distributed among the above three sub brands. The three equal brands with different positioning and styles have already had sufficient product lines to support their brand image and status, forming a trend of three pillars

gx6 is called super crossover car, which is an original attempt made by Geely in the field of crossover cars. It integrates four modeling styles, sizes and functions of sports SUV, hatchback, MPV and wagon station wagon, and has Geely modeling elements that are known at a glance

Dongfeng Yulong: highlight the electric wisdom

as a national automobile brand, Na Zhijie, born in Taiwan, China, China, this is its first appearance at an international auto show. In addition to the LUXGEN SUV 7 that will be put into mass production and MPV and sedan on the same platform, the "Neora" concept car is of particular concern. Its mass production model will enter the a+ level field with the most considerable potential in China's automobile consumption market

"Neora" comes from two English letters Neo and era. Neo stands for new and evolving, era stands for era, and Neora stands for new era of zero emission mobile - new era

neora's cool new appearance design, based on fluent design language, shows the creativity of lightweight and energy saving, and shows the future technology based on environmental protection and energy

under the consideration of energy conservation, aerodynamics, aesthetics and mechanics, many design elements of Neora are unique: the front face with minimized air inlet area to reduce wind resistance; The integration of the tail wing and the body forms a "performance surface" strengthening and chassis reduction, reducing the impact on the vehicle's resistance

GAC Fiat: the revolution in integrated power technology

at the time of the first anniversary of the founding of GAC Fiat, which requires different fixtures to be selected and designed according to different experimental forces and the shape and size of samples, the new Fiat 500, the star car model of the Fiat family, which will be launched in the Chinese market this year, will be unveiled at the Shanghai auto show, realizing the debut of this new version in China. In addition, the revolutionary technology developed by Fiat power technology - Multiair engine and 2011 Bravo boyue were also exhibited on the same stage

as one of the most successful car models in the world, the new Fiat 500 has enjoyed a good reputation. This classic car from Apennine Peninsula fully explains the brand value of Fiat's "design, taste, passion, fashion and detail". Owning Fiat 500 is always not only for transportation, but also for pursuing a fashionable and exquisite Italian lifestyle

as a joint venture between Fiat Group and GAC group, GAC Fiat has been moving forward with a young, energetic, steady and enterprising attitude since its establishment. Marketing channels are healthy

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