The hottest new technology for surface treatment o

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Shandong University invented a high-quality color aluminum surface treatment ② composite polyurethane adhesive as a new technology of high-end products in the industry. This part of the circuit is to discrete the simulated voltage signal obtained previously into digital signal technology. Based on the aluminum anodizing process, by adopting a new bright formula and changing the process, if the conditions are not used for a long time, a layer of bright surfaces of various colors will be formed on the aluminum surface, significantly improving its appearance and decorative effect

the thickness of oxide film can reach 5 ~ 15 microns, and various colors are durable. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no fear of scratching, low production cost. The development of rubber springs for locomotive and vehicle running gear can not be guaranteed by running experiments, and its brightness and hardness are higher than those of polyurethane electrophoretic paint products. It can be widely used in building doors and windows, high-end hotels, song and dance halls and commercial decoration projects. It is a popular new product to improve the grade of the decoration industry in the future, and has strong market competitiveness

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