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The relocation of 23 "roadblock" poles will be completed by the end of May.

truking Metropolis Daily (Lvrui) quickly handled the exposed problems overnight. On December 27, 2018, Wuhan TV station's TV politics program exposed that 13 electric poles on Zhongbei road and 10 on Hanxi road had become "roadblocks". The accuracy was 0.5. After the TV political consultation, director chenyueqing of Wuhan Urban Construction Commission immediately returned to the urban construction commission from the political consultation site to hold a meeting to study and deploy the rectification work

the meeting required that the exposed problems should be rectified immediately. As for the road occupation of electric poles in Zhongbei Road, it is necessary to closely contact with the urban investment company, urge the acceleration of land acquisition and demolition, and quickly organize the pipeline to enter the site for construction after the construction section is vacated, so as to eliminate the road occupation problem. If safety is involved, emergency measures shall be taken to eliminate potential safety hazards. As for the road occupation problem of electric poles in Hanxi Road, we should work with Metro Group to promote the rectification in combination with the construction of rail transit line 12. Secondly, the investigation was carried out in the whole city to immediately organize the rectification of the similar situations found in order to provide solutions more quickly. If 221 important roads can be included, they will be solved simultaneously in the comprehensive environmental improvement of the roads. Moreover, we should strengthen the concept of high-quality development of urban construction, and the high-quality development of urban construction should be pulled out of the "high" and drilled into the "fine"

28 in the morning, the sea area management office of Wuhan Urban Construction Commission, the sea area management station and the rail office organized Qiaokou District Construction Bureau, Wuchang District Urban Construction Commission, Wuhan urban investment company, Wuhan power supply company and other units to conduct a site survey at Hanxi road and Zhongbei road. According to the site conditions, the house demolition work affecting the pipeline entering the ground of Zhongbei road and the pipeline entering the ground after the construction section is vacated were studied, Study and eliminate the road occupation problem of Hanxi road. According to the rectification plan, the relocation of 13 poles on Zhongbei road and 10 poles on Hanxi road is planned to be completed by the end of May 2019

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