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On May 1, China's first domestic main bearing remanufactured shield ct006h successfully launched on the left line of Ziyun Road Station of Hefei rail transit line 3 Lot 2 project under the construction of China Railway Tunnel Group, It marks the first time that China has carried out the underground tunneling task after breaking through the bottleneck of using test materials to judge whether the materials are suitable for some specific processing or terminal utilization

this shield machine is an earth pressure balance shield machine that is organized and remanufactured to better adapt to Hefei stratum tunneling. China Railway Tunnel Group creatively adopted the mode of "scientific research + manufacturing order". Under the leadership of the scientific research team of the State Key Laboratory of shield and tunneling technology of China railway tunnel, China Railway Tunnel Group has joined forces with Luoyang LYC bearing Co., Ltd. to form 6 independent intellectual property rights such as raw material design and a number of special standards, and successfully realized the localization of shield main bearings

in order to create a new tool for tunnel construction and break through the bottleneck of independent research and development of shield main bearings, the R & D team of China Railway Tunnel Group has continuously increased the research and development of shield machine main bearings. On November 26th, 2016, China's first domestic main bearing remanufactured shield machine ct006h was successfully rolled off the production line in Hefei. On January 5th, 2017, it began to be assembled in most of the original dressings. During this period, China Railway Tunnel Group has organized shield experts, equipment managers, skilled workers and other parties to greatly increase the unit weight of materials. Starting from the aspects of scheme demonstration, transportation and assembly, equipment commissioning and so on, each step of the construction process is precise and accurate, ensuring the normal operation of shield body, cutterhead drive, segment assembler, dumping mechanism, electrical system and other parts, And successfully passed the acceptance of shield launching node

Hefei Metro Line 3 has a total length of 37.2km, passing through Feixi County and Hefei Economic Development Zone, government affairs new area, Shushan District, Luyang District, Yaohai District, Xinzhan district and other areas. It is a Southwest northeast line. After the completion of the line, it will further improve Hefei rail transit network, better serve Hefei economic development, and improve the happiness index of Hefei citizens' travel

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