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Shandong Xinhe helped Shandong jincailun group paper industry relocation and upgrading project release date: Source: Shandong Xinhe expert forecast on November 1, 2020, Shandong jincailun paper industry launched the paper machine relocation and upgrading project on this auspicious day. With a planned land area of 179 Mu and an estimated investment of 600million yuan, the project has been successfully selected as the optimal project for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province. Jincailun Paper Co., Ltd. will carry out energy-saving upgrading and transformation of the original paper machine and sewage treatment system, eliminate some backward paper machines with high energy consumption, and the new ones with international prices will be discussed separately.) the first batch of high-efficiency energy-saving paper-making equipment and modern intelligent production lines with advanced technology for new energy vehicle body in white delivery of aluminum Institute of China will realize the automation, intelligent and green energy-saving transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and comprehensively improve the intelligent manufacturing level of traditional industries

on January 9, 2021, Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Shandong Jinzhou Cailun Paper Co., Ltd. to provide a full set of 3600/800 cultural paper system for the project. Jincailun paper and Shandong Xinhe have been partners for many years. The two sides have been working together in the concept of win-win cooperation. They have gone through 20 years of entrepreneurship and development together. The paper machines in operation now are all models jointly cooperated by Shandong Xinhe and jincailun group. Wenhua paper machine has always been one of the main models of Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd., with stable performance and good market response

thank Shandong jincailun for its trust and choice. Shandong Xinhe will strive to do a good job in product quality control and project progress management, and wholeheartedly help customers' upgrading projects

wish Shandong Xinhe a happy cooperation with Shandong jincailun

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