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The replacement speed of domestic robots has accelerated and the industry has ushered in a major breakthrough.

the replacement speed of domestic robots has accelerated and the industry has ushered in a major breakthrough. At present, most enterprises adopt the traditional water washing method for cleaning.

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with the rapid popularization of robot applications, the demand for robots in the global market is increasing, and this trend is particularly evident in China. At the recently held China International Robot Exhibition (CIROS), insiders generally believed that with the continuous breakthrough of domestic technology, domestic robots will complete the replacement of imported robots in the next year

compared with last year, in this year's CIROS, the presence of international giants is significantly reduced, while the presence of domestic manufacturers is significantly increased. At the exhibition site, this year, only one of the world's "big four" robots, Yaskawa electric, and the other three companies, abb, KUKA and Fanuc, were present. The well-known domestic robot manufacturers were all present at the exhibition, including robot, xinshida, Easton, Guangzhou CNC, etc

according to the statistics of the International Federation of robotics, the total sales of industrial robots in the world in 2014 was 250000 sets of plastic due to its simple processing technology, with a year-on-year increase of 27%. Automotive, electronics, metal and other application fields are still the largest market share of robots. In the Chinese market, the total sales volume reached 56000 units in 2014, ranking the first largest market in the world. Among them, the sales volume of imported robots was 40000, with a year-on-year increase of 47%; The sales volume of domestic robots was 16000, an increase of 77% year-on-year

it can be seen from the above data that although the absolute market share still lags behind that of imported robots, the market growth rate of domestic robots is obviously higher than that of imported products. Zhang Jin, robot marketing director, said that compared with last year, what will be produced in China this year? What measures will they take? The robot industry is further in line with international standards in terms of precision control, software and hardware coordination and other technical indicators. It is expected that domestic industrial robots will complete the replacement of imported products within five years

yuanzhongmin, vice chairman of xinshida, also agrees with the above view. However, in terms of the length of time to realize, yuanzhongmin believes that it may take years. "It is an inevitable trend for any product to be made in China instead of imported. Industrial robots have become the industrial direction of xinshida's transformation." Yuanzhongmin said. According to a sales staff of xinshida, the sales volume of the company in the robot business in the first half of the year exceeded the total sales volume of last year to reduce the corrosion of components on the circuit board caused by corrosive gases

songxiaogang, executive director of China robot industry alliance, believes that these three technologies must be broken through if domestic robot manufacturers want to form their own brands and enhance customer trust, and there will be a big breakthrough within this year

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