The relationship between the removal amount of the

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Relationship between background color removal amount and image tone reproduction quality

there are many factors that affect image tone reproduction by using the background color removal amount reasonably. If the production line that keeps on working day and night in different periods is the "lifeline" for entrepreneurs, the sum is also different. In the 1970s, China was dominated by monochrome machines and two-color machines, and the printing fine product gradation was 320% ~ 340% (yellow 80% ~ 85%, magenta 80% ~ 85%, green 85% ~ 95%, black 70% ~ 80%); General printed matter is 280% ~ 320% (yellow 70% ~ 80%, magenta 70% ~ 80%, green 80% ~ 90%, black 80%). Haier electric extension in Germany provides 240% (yellow 50%, magenta 50%, green 60%, black 80%). The longest and shortest difference between the four editions of this expression is 120%

the main reason is that the printing is suitable for different uses. If the same printing suitability conditions are used, the product quality must be different with 240% and 360% step printing. It is necessary to integrate various conditions and use the advantages and disadvantages reasonably. At present, the printing press is developing towards high speed and multi-color, and the overall tone of the printing plate is developing towards a relatively short direction. The total point coverage area of high-speed multi-color machine printed newspaper (paper) shall be controlled at 240% ~ 260%. During plate making, the basic color shall be used enough, the opposite color shall be used less, the step transfer shall be cut, the line shall be relatively thick, and the background color removal shall be relatively large; For high-speed multi-color rotary printing (offset paper or low weight coating paper), the total point area coverage shall be controlled within 260% ~ 280%, and shall be adjusted accordingly during plate making; Multicolor sheet fed printing fine products (coated paper)

the total point area coverage is controlled at 280% ~ 320%. Under normal circumstances, during plate making, keep the bright tone or slight emphasis as much as possible, properly compress the middle note or keep it, compress the dark tone, the background color removal is relatively small, and use the black plate to strengthen the medium to dark tone level. If the overall step adjustment value is longer, the compensation function of the existing black version will lose its necessity; If the overall tone value is shorter, we have done experiments, such as 220% (yellow 40%, magenta 40%, green 50%, black 90%), and the results are generally flat in gray, hard in tone, and thin in the middle. If the total dot area coverage is shorter, it will not meet the product quality requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to study or experiment to control the total dot coverage of four-color printing between 200% and 300%

computer controlled printable photoelectric induction is one of the more advanced technologies. The test report states:

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