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The corrugating roller repair process in the corrugated board production line

the corrugating roller is the most expensive heart part in the corrugated board production line. Its corrugating type rationality, manufacturing accuracy, wear resistance and pressure resistance, service life and running speed are the main technical indicators to measure its quality and economy. It is to meet the requirements of the imported and domestic corrugated box and board production lines in the metal, non-metal The mechanical properties of composite materials and products tend to meet the needs of wider and faster paper width and faster running speed, which is directly related to the product quality and economic benefits of carton enterprises

during the ironing, bending and forming process of high-speed continuous feeding of corrugated base paper, the relative displacement between the corrugated base paper and the top of the corrugated roller under the action of pressure continuously produces friction and extrusion. The impact of inclusions and mineral hard particles in the base paper causes severe wear on the top of the corrugated roller, gradually changing from arc to flat head, making the height of the corrugated teeth slowly lower than the lower limit of the standard. At the same time, some corrugated rollers with low hardness of the corrugated surface will cause pits and depressions on the top of the corrugated roller

as the production line is not always full of paper, the corrugated roll surface is not uniformly worn once the polymer material is used to produce lighter vehicles, resulting in concave roll shape. Under the continuous high-speed single tooth meshing directional operation condition, the low hardness corrugating roll will have the corrugating, tilting, twisting, Ovality and runout errors due to plastic deformation, which will affect the service life and economy of the corrugating roll

how to improve the sharp wear and deformation of the corrugating roll during operation, prolong the service life of the corrugating roll during high-speed operation, and improve the economy of the corrugating roll has been an important issue that China's corrugated cardboard box industry has been paying attention to for many years

alloy steel precision forging materials with stable chemical composition, wear resistance and pressure resistance are used to obtain a deep and uniform hardened layer with a hardness of about hrc58 (hs80) by advanced heat treatment process, and a reasonable ridge shape is designed by computer-aided design. The ridge shape and drum shape are accurately ground by computer-controlled grinding machine, and the surface is coated with high-quality micro crack wear-resistant hard chromium. This paper introduces that after years of hard research, careful development and repair of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant New technological achievements of high-precision and durable high-quality corrugated roller products

selected materials

according to the steel standards currently adopted in China, the chemical composition range of the same brand is very wide, and its upper and lower limits are often connected with adjacent brands (for example, the upper and lower limits of carbon content and other chemical components of 35CrMo commonly used in domestic corrugating rollers are within the middle and lower limits of 42CrMo). However, the large chemical composition error of steel of the same brand brings great harm to the quality control of heat treatment

we all know that the carbon content will directly affect the hardness of quenched martensite of corrugating roll alloy steel. For example, the carbon content of alloy steel is 0.3%, and the hardness of martensite is (HRC) 49 ~ 55. The carbon content is 0.4% and the hardness of martensite is (HRC) 54 ~ 60. The carbon content is 0.5% and the hardness of martensite is (HRC) 58 ~ 62

therefore, strict material selection, selection of high-quality 42CrMo and 50crmo precision forgings, strict control of the chemical composition of the materials, and control the indicators of the main components including carbon, chromium, silicon, manganese and aluminum within a certain range with the guidance and help of experts and scholars in China's manned spaceflight and national microbial research fields, so as to create basic conditions for the stability of the quality of future preparatory heat treatment and quenching

high quality chromium plating layer

hard chromium plating of more than 0.1mm is plated on the surface of the corrugating roller after hardening and fine grinding, which can reduce the friction coefficient on the surface of the corrugating teeth, enhance the wear resistance of the corrugating teeth, and prolong the service life of the corrugating roller on October 15

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