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The reputation of a printing enterprise and the market are mutually related

in the printing market, the reputation of a printing enterprise is particularly important. The establishment of a printing enterprise's reputation depends on the continuous accumulation with customers for a long time. Customer demand is the market demand faced by an enterprise. To establish a good printing enterprise's reputation is to grasp the market and customer demand, turn the demand into reality, think of, do and do well for customers, Establish reliable partnership with customers

enterprise reputation should first introduce the concept of honest service: for a printing enterprise, it should first emphasize honest service, introduce the concept of serving customers, and bring service into the framework of products, prices, management and marketing. Service is an indispensable factor in marketing, including not only the service to real customers, but also the service to potential customers. It can not only improve the after-sales satisfaction, but also improve the pre-sales satisfaction. Therefore, the integrity service should be established on the management platform of printing enterprises. At present, printing enterprises with good economic benefits have put this service concept into daily management and have been recognized by customers

how does the reputation of a printing enterprise reflect

first of all, the reputation of an enterprise depends on the attention of managers. Have the managers realized that honest management is the foundation of enterprise management and the main melody in the market competition. If they do not pay attention to honesty, they will lose the market. The managers of the enterprise not only require all employees to do it, but also do it first by themselves, and do it with integrity. The degree to which customers look at the reputation of a printing enterprise depends first on the honest and trustworthy attitude and words and deeds of the enterprise managers

secondly, the reputation of printing enterprises is based on law-abiding. Abide by relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulations, strictly implement national and industrial standards, and stress social benefits. Thirdly, enterprises should pay attention to product quality, have strict enterprise processing quality standards and various quality management systems, ensure that the quality of printing products is stable and up to standard, and have better after-sales service

establish and improve the integrity service management system to continuously promote the continuous improvement of service quality

modern printing market requires printing enterprises to have good quality, short cycle, low price and good service. In line with this feature, a good faith service management system should be established. Therefore, enterprises should carry out good faith service throughout the whole process of product processing, including high-quality products, product services and readers' feedback on quality

to realize and promise honest service, printing enterprises must establish a set of effective management mechanism for honest service, so as to achieve the following aspects:

service objective management:

every enterprise has its purpose, quality policy and quality objective. To achieve the objective, enterprises should deeply understand the customer needs and values according to different product characteristics, and take the customer needs and values as the service objectives

service planning:

in order to ensure service quality, we should deeply understand the needs of customers according to different customers and different products, build a perfect service management system in each post and process link, and have corresponding post system and service training plans for relevant employees

service supervision and control:

the service control process should be reflected in the printing process, which is a powerful guarantee to ensure that the products meet the customer's processing standards and achieve high-quality products into high-quality products. In the process of product processing, it is easy to reflect how you serve customers. Products include macroporous aluminum based materials, silicon aluminum dry glue, catalyst, etc. products are the key embodiment of customers. Customers mainly focus on products, do not pay attention to the information feedback of product quality, and your enterprise's integrity service is empty talk. Through the whole integrity service, employees should have the passion to enhance the reputation of the enterprise. We should also include honest service into the assessment, reward and punishment method and the skill income of employees

continuous improvement:

due to the changes in the printing market and various printing products, the needs of customers are also changing. We should continuously improve the quality of honest service, so as to make the enterprise in an invincible position. Constantly understand the needs of customers, and then adjust the service policy. 3) planning the experimental equipment in the work is an important part of service quality improvement

more and more printing enterprises realize that high-quality service is one of the means for enterprises to strengthen their brands and improve the value of intangible assets. Service is based on the relationship between employees and customers, and service is a commitment to customers. The degree of integrity can be best reflected in the services associated with customers. After printing enterprises introduced honest service. The relationship between enterprises and customers is different from the product era in the past. Enterprises have a closer relationship with customers through services. It is through these services that customers feel the integrity of the enterprise. Printing enterprises should have a foothold in the market. The reputation of the enterprise is very important. Customers in the printing market look at the reputation of "trust" of the enterprise. When a printing enterprise introduces the concept of honest service, it is also the competitive advantage of the current printing market for enterprises to strengthen management, improve the quality of printing products and services, and enhance their competitiveness

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