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On September 15, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Datong City approved the application for environmental protection acceptance of the relocation and transformation project of the company in the form of DHH No. 2015 (71), which marked that all completed projects in the new plant area of the company had passed the environmental protection acceptance

according to the relevant provisions of the national environmental protection law, new, reconstruction and expansion projects must pass the environmental protection acceptance before they can be put into production. The pressure relief, relocation and reconstruction project of the company must be carried out first. The project was originally a provincial project. After it was transferred to Datong City in 2014, the company officially launched the environmental protection acceptance procedure in December 2014. From May 19 to 26, 2015, Datong Environmental Monitoring Station conducted a full-scale 2012 inspection on the environmental conditions of the Daci new plant area and nearby villages. A total of 32 monitoring points were set up, including 41 items in 4 categories. All the monitoring data met the emission standards. The total amount of various pollutants was controlled under the environmental protection department of Shanxi Province. After the inspection, the problem still occurred and reached the target. On September 8, Datong Environmental Protection Bureau organized experts to carry out on-site acceptance. The experts present at the meeting affirmed the environmental protection work of the company and put forward constructive suggestions for future work. The acceptance conclusion: the relocation and reconstruction project of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Datong Gear Co., Ltd. meets the acceptance conditions

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