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Introduction: last year, Valin heavy trucks had the largest sales volume in Guangdong, with annual sales of more than 5000 units. After being injected into the listed company, resource integration will enable it to achieve faster growth. Last week, Fang Yi, Guangdong Regional Manager of Valin heavy truck, said. On March 1, Xingma automobile announced that the company purchased through private placement

"last year, Valin heavy trucks had the largest sales in Guangdong, with annual sales of more than 5000 units. After being injected into listed companies, resource integration will enable them to achieve faster growth." Last week, Fang Yi, Guangdong Regional Manager of Valin heavy truck, said. On March 1, Xingma automobile announced that the company's plan to purchase 100% equity of Valin automobile with an estimated value of 1785361500 through private placement has been approved, and the merger of Valin heavy truck into Xingma automobile has been settled. Automobile analysts of a securities company predict that after the merger of Xingma automobile, the performance in 2011 will reach 2.3 yuan/share

last Thursday, he sent a letter to Li Feng, the securities affairs representative of Telstar Ma Automobile Co., Ltd., regarding the merger and reorganization

Li Feng said, "after one and a half years of efforts, it was finally approved by the M & A Review Committee of listed companies of the CSRC. Next, it only needs to get the official approval of the CSRC to implement the additional issuance."

asset restructuring experience "marathon" race

according to Li Feng, as early as the end of November 2009, Xingma automobile announced for the first time that it would purchase 100% of the equity of Valin heavy truck held by 9 shareholders, including Anhui Xingma automobile group, through targeted issuance of shares. Before the announcement, the trading of Xingma shares was suspended for about 40 days. After the resumption of trading, it closed 5 trading limits in a row, with a very strong trend. This theme once became the most important support for the stock price of Xingma automobile

according to the relevant materials of Xingma shares, there has been no further progress since the announcement on July 20 last year that the matter was accepted by the CSRC. The industry's general expectation that Valin heavy truck will be officially injected into the listed company in 2010 has failed

after this approval, Xingma automobile will issue 205million shares to acquire 100% of the equity of Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. in which the group company participates. After the major acquisitions were determined, the market paid close attention to them. Since March 1, Xingma automobile has risen sharply, and its active performance ranks in the forefront of the automobile sector

Valin heavy truck "packaged" into a listed company

according to Fang Yi, Guangdong manager of Valin heavy truck, Valin automobile has always been one of the most profitable heavy truck enterprises in China, and its development speed has been significantly higher than the average level of the heavy truck industry since it was officially sold in 2005. In the Guangdong market, the sales volume of Valin heavy truck ranks first, reaching 5000 units last year, while the sales volume of China heavy truck in the Guangdong market is about 3000 units

according to the statistics of the automobile industry association, the sales volume of Valin heavy truck has now ranked the eighth among domestic heavy truck enterprises, with a year-on-year increase of 67% in 2010 to 3 10000 vehicles, with the market share increasing from 2.87% in 2009 to 3%

in addition to Valin heavy truck products, a member of Bayer Materials Technology Implementation Committee and the global head of sustainable development, Valin also produces chassis. Its heavy truck products developed on the basis of Mitsubishi technology platform in Japan mainly focus on the dump truck and special vehicle market, which can match Weichai Cummins and other engines

before the reorganization, the chassis of Xingma automobile was provided by Valin for a long time. Xingma automobile is the largest concrete mixer manufacturer in China. At present, its annual output reaches more than 10000 sets, and a small amount is exported to overseas markets

"the automobile chassis accounts for about 70% of the cost of special-purpose vehicles. In order to avoid electrostatic induction, more than 70% of the automobile chassis of Xingma automobile is purchased from Valin automobile every year. Through the integration of heavy truck resources, it is expected that the company's future profitability and profit scale are expected to be greatly improved." Li Feng said that in the past two years, the rising cost of steel and other products has diluted the performance of listed companies. After the injection, Valin automobile will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xingma, giving priority to orders and reducing procurement costs, which may greatly promote the profitability of the company

clearing obstacles in Xingma's accelerated running

in the past few years, Xingma's performance has been flat due to its narrow production area and its main focus on the special vehicle market. Securities analysts believe that after the completion of asset restructuring, the related party transactions that have plagued the company for a long time can be solved, which is conducive to the company to further improve the industrial chain through refinancing. This is very beneficial to the functional recovery of the company's financing platform, and provides backing support for the production expansion and expansion of Valin automobile through refinancing

based on the optimistic market prospect, both Xingma automobile and Valin automobile are expanding their production on a large scale. At the end of last year, the project of Hualing automobile with a production capacity of 100000 vehicles has been launched. It is said that the new project is expected to be put into operation gradually in the second half of this year

(5) establish a vanadium price early warning mechanism. Fang Yi believes that this can solve the capacity bottleneck restricting the company's growth. He disclosed that at present, there are only special vehicle dealers in Guangdong, while Xingma ranks first in competitiveness. However, there are more than 60 dealers of Valin heavy truck. In the terminal, in view of different channels, they will not merge in the short term, but will increase efforts to build. At the end of last year, Valin heavy truck just built a new sales point in Shunde, Foshan

some automobile analysts of securities companies predict that after the merger of Xingma automobile, the performance in 2011 will reach 2.3 yuan/share

however, jiaxinguang, an analyst in the automotive industry, is worried. He said that last year, China's heavy truck hit an annual sales record of one million units. In the face of such a high base, it remains to be discussed whether the heavy truck industry will continue to grow at a high speed this year

in addition, some pessimistic commercial vehicle dealers believe that as the macroeconomic growth slows down, the demand for logistics vehicles and engineering vehicles will also decline. How do the flexural strength tests of concrete blocks made of raw materials such as steel be done? Now, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction: the sharp rise of grid and the intensification of industry competition will inevitably lead to the decline of profitability, which will have a negative impact on commercial vehicle and special vehicle companies

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