This winter is not too cold. Yimuxuan home will cr

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When night falls, the end of the day's work, dragging a tired body, who does not desire to have a warm home. Quiet and warm, this is a world that only belongs to you

when night falls

the day's work ends

dragging a tired body

who doesn't want to have a warm home

quiet and warm

this is a world that only belongs to themselves

the design of this case can make the occupants find a kind of warmth from the heart. With retro decoration and modern simple lines, the overall feeling is like people's heart, generous and delicate, All of them give people a sense of atmosphere and warmth


e n t r a n C e

as soon as you enter the door, you see the porch at first sight. The bright and clean white sets off the simplicity and elegance of the porch. With exquisite decorations and books, it reflects a quiet and scholarly living environment

living room

l i v i n g r o m

simple color matching, combined with classical Chinese style and simple lines, makes a classic, so that people can put down the fatigue of the day and enjoy the warmth brought by this quiet time


s t U D y

as a space for reading, writing and work, it has both the seriousness of the office and the warmth of family life. The bookcase customized with solid wood, from tone to material, shows the characteristics of elegance and quietness, so that people can have a quiet and calm state of mind in it. This is a study with "ancient flavor"





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