A summary of home decoration experience and lesson

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1、 How does the home decoration company cheat the owner? 1. The decoration contract is vague. Just say how many millimeters of decorative boards are used, but don't indicate whether they are imported, domestic, or joint ventures, or indicate that they are imported boards, but don't use plywood and use imported large core boards. You want to change your pocket after starting work! 2. The decoration drawings are beautiful but not practical. It's very simple to make a wardrobe without drawing the detailed drawing inside it. When the owner wants to add a horizontal board or drawer after construction, he says it's not normal practice and he has to pay more. Therefore, during the negotiation, the cabinet should have a detailed drawing, and the thickness of each plate such as horizontal plate and vertical plate should be marked. The depth of the cabinet should be 56-60 cm. Otherwise, the pendant suit will not close the door. 3. With inferior hardware, the hinge used for the wardrobe door should be marked on the contract as iron, about 3 yuan a piece. Alloy cannot be used, and alloy is easy to break. 4. It is always suggested that you change the wire. After you agree, you deliberately circle it. Moreover, most of the wires are multi strand, so the construction team should be required to buy a single strand of copper core wire, with a cross-section of 2.5 mm2, and the air conditioning socket wire is more than 4 mm2. Flame retardant casing must be added under the floor and in the wall. To avoid fire caused by short circuit. 5. Use low-grade paint, which can be divided into polyester and nitro. Nitro is not environmental friendly and easy to turn yellow. Good brands of polyester paint are: Classic 2000, Nippon. 6. It costs 6 yuan per square meter to approve the ash for wall decoration, which is a huge profit! It is suggested to use Penguin brand paint, and buy paint package to approve the wall. Its quality is similar to that of Doris, and it is slightly cheaper. 7. The kitchen and toilet are waterproof within the decoration budget. The kitchen and toilet pasted with floor tiles should be waterproof and should not be listed separately, and the maximum purchase of six to seven cans of waterproof agent for two bathrooms and one kitchen will not exceed 100 yuan in total. 8. The interior of door and window covers in the decoration contract is not moisture-proof. It costs money to do it after construction. In fact, a barrel of asphalt oil is enough, and a good one is only 100 yuan

second, what kind of decoration construction team is good

1. Contract labor but not materials. In fact, the material is plywood and wood thread. I made many cabinets and shutter doors, wrapped all the door and window covers, and made six doors. All imported boards with a thickness of 15mm are used, which are not big core boards. The material cost 13000 yuan (including wood wire). The difference between imported boards and domestic boards is that the imported board core is dark red in color and weighs a lot. The domestic board core is white, which is poplar and weighs only half of the imported board. Generally, you should go to Bao'an to buy boards. There is a super large plywood market in Bao'an, which gathers hundreds of timber merchants. When you go, you should take a knife and scrape the board edge to see if there is ash. Some unscrupulous merchants paint the domestic board edge dark and pretend to be imported goods. When buying boards, remember to inspect all boards first. After confirming what you want to buy, you must stand next to this pile of boards when loading and watch the workers take it from this pile! Instead, you can't stand by the car, so as not to take advantage of the opportunity for unscrupulous merchants to shoddy! Payment will be made after the loading point is completed

2. Any concealed items shall be accepted




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