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At the Shenzhen home textile exhibition, which ended last month, Huiya information had the honor to interview Mr. lidonghua, general manager of Foshan Yishang textile decoration Co., Ltd. In the interview, President Li introduced the latest promotion strategy of Yishang brand to the reporter

Huiya information exclusive interview with Li Donghua, general manager of Foshan Yishang textile decoration Co., Ltd. (Yishang balan)

China soft clothing: Hello, general manager Li. The investment of each exhibition of Yishang Baron is very large. What new products did this exhibition bring us? What are the highlights of the product

President Li: according to our understanding of the market last year, we launched two key series at this year's exhibition. The first is three-dimensional embroidery. Three-dimensional embroidery products are very novel in the domestic market. The second is the single flower series. According to the extension of our products in the past two years, we make an improvement, the promotion of three-dimensional embroidery and the in-depth redevelopment and improvement of the single flower series, So far, the market reaction in this exhibition is very hot

China softwear: how about the investment and innovation in brand promotion and development this time

president Li: the company participates in the annual exhibition. Its operation mode has always been to join the domestic special zone. This time, it is the same. While launching two series of products, we are an investment attraction mode to re join the special zone in China

China softwear: the exhibition is also a major platform for brand communication. So, what are the preferential policies of Hexin's investment promotion this time

president Li: we are very willing to give some franchisees and some dealers the biggest discount at this exhibition. The first is the activity of choosing five to get one free. For franchisees who join during this period, we will exempt all franchise fees and deposits

China soft clothing: there are great differences in consumption habits among people in different regions in China. What are the differences in the sales of your products in different regions? What measures have your company taken in response to this situation

Mr. Li: domestically, there will be a slight deviation between the northern market and the southern market. In recent years, the difference of homogeneous product styles is not great. There is a certain color difference between the Northeast market, the Northwest market and the southern market, and there are certain differences in color consumption habits. The thickness and thickness of materials are also different. We will make strategies according to the different national markets. Our key market is the southern market, and the effect is very good. In the northern market, we will develop some such products according to the thickness and brilliance of the products. At the same time, after the completion of the southern market, the northern market will follow up

China soft clothing: home textile is a small industry, but it is also a large industry, including many categories. What opportunities and challenges do you think this industry can be large or small

president Li: the overall franchise development of the company in the past two years is still considerable. At the same time, there are more and more domestic manufacturers switching products to product operation, so the competition is becoming more and more intense. But it is a good trend for the industry, because the industry attaches importance to brand packaging, quality and service to consumers, the level of brand stores will be raised, and the promotion method of the company has always been the way of franchisees

China softwear: next, what is the development plan of Yishang Barron

president Li: the focus will be to join a special area in the domestic southern market, create a more perfect place in the original key customer group, and achieve a leading level in the industry in terms of product fashion and simplicity




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