The post-80s youth must know the doomsday decorati

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Doomsday decoration I: kitchen

1 If the frequency of cooking at home is very high, try to give up the open kitchen, there will be soot problem

2 The hot water in the bathroom and kitchen comes quickly and is convenient to use

3. The suction of the Chinese range hood is stronger than that of the European one, which is not useful

4. The power socket can be installed as much as possible, otherwise there are tow boards everywhere in the home

5. If it's not for people who don't cook, it's best to install air conditioning in the kitchen

6. Regret that the kitchen flue didn't go out. Now as long as someone cooks in the building, his own range hood must be turned on at the same time, otherwise the room will be full of lampblack smell

7. The vegetable basin faucet must be able to be switched on and off by the back of your hand. It is not easy to keep it clean if you have to use your fingers. It is also difficult to turn it when you have oil on your hands

8. I think the garbage can in the cabinet is not practical enough, so I'd better put it outside. Also, do not install door type garbage cans and table garbage cans. It will be smelly to open the cabinet door in summer. It's better to put the garbage can outside

9. Before the valve of the flue is installed back, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the valve can be opened and closed freely and can be opened to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood. You can leave two pieces of ceiling installed, and then install the ceiling after the range hood is installed and tested correctly

10. There should be a back board under the artificial stone of the cabinet, but I found it after installation. Now I dare not cut meat on it. I promised to repair it for nearly two months, but it hasn't been installed yet (I only came to polish it once)





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