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New product release: thyristor voltage regulation module

thyristor (SCR) is a voltage control power device widely used in the field of industrial automation. Controlling the conduction angle of thyristor makes the output voltage of thyristor continuously adjustable. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of temperature control, light regulation, motor speed regulation and so on. When used for temperature control, the continuous variable voltage is output through the thyristor to change the output power of the heater, so as to control the temperature. The traditional thyristor temperature control mode generally adopts the temperature control instrument supporting thyristor output, which has been widely used in machine automation. However, this method can not combine temperature control with logic control, and the display and adjustment of temperature are also separated from PLC system. Entrusted by a manufacturer, kaidean company has specially developed a silicon controlled voltage regulating module (fm351)

this module is an extended function module of KDN-K3 series PLC, which can trigger 4-way thyristors at the same time and is connected to the expansion bus of CPU. The CPU sends the control mode and the output voltage value of each channel to the module through the expansion bus. The adjustment process is completed by the module itself, and the actual output value is fed back to the CPU. Thyristor voltage regulation module can realize automatic zero crossing detection, short circuit protection, open circuit detection and other functions

the successful development of thyristor voltage regulating module makes KDN-K3 series PLC the only PLC product supporting thyristor output


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