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Kone instrument miconex2006 displays new products

Japan KONE instrument company was founded in 1940. Adhering to the purpose of "high quality and high quality are our consistent tradition", the two brands of power electrician test instruments Kyoritsu and kewtech developed by the company are in a leading position in the world in the power electrician industry

the person in charge of the company told that in addition to the traditional multimeter, clamp meter, high voltage/insulation tester, grounding resistance tester, multi kinetic energy tester, power quality analyzer, leakage switch tester, leakage current recorder, phase sequence meter, illuminance meter, thermometer and other products, the company also displayed the newly developed products of the company, including load recorder 5010/5020, clamp sensor and other products

the load recorder has the following characteristics:

Load/leakage current recording and voltage fluctuation recording (only kew5020) (voltage fluctuation: voltage rise, fall and instantaneous stop)

the recorded data can be input into the computer via USB connection

various voltage and current measurement data can be confirmed on the computer display screen at the same time (now kew5020)

the LED flashes when the preset current/voltage value is exceeded

kewlogsoft2 software can be used for data, analysis and chart display

four recording modes applicable to various measurements (ordinary, trigger, interception, voltage fluctuation (Jin kew5020))

use one channel to record 60000 raw material data for our 3D printing industry at any time. Continuous measurement time: 10 days (battery)

filter can filter high frequency harmonics

as soon as these products appeared in the exhibition, they aroused the interest of many visitors. When the oil viscosity is too low, there is oil flowing out of the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve from time to time for discussion and inquiry


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