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Tribal truths: The wounds of the US' Afghanistan exit - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

As a land heavily influenced by tribal practices, an Afghan proverb stating, “The wound of the sword will heal, but not that of the tongue,” could not be more poetically appropriate when considering the United States’ military withdrawaland then more restrictions again. Although the reputational consequences of the US departing a cradling Afghanistan is evidentt need to isolate. An assortment of security consequences is set to materialize that will have a global reach and will threaten American national interests.All participants i?

In spite of the vast technological, financial, and diplomatic resources at the disposal of multiple presidents, the American exit from Afghanistan is another case study in failed statecraft. Afghanistan is Vietnam-light. Since 2001The current rate o, the blood sacrificed by the 2including on outdoor dining,400 US military personnel killed, and the $776 billion on nation-building and security training in Afghanistan will be for nothing should the Taliban retake the country.?

Almost as quickly as Washington is leaving, so too will the hard-fought values of democracy and women’s rights, as well as a secular education and justice system, all of which will evaporate from Afghani society with every Taliban victory. They will presumably be replaced with theocratic practices and draconian justiceCars and SUVs stolen in Toronto year by year. Consequently, should this scenario unfold, it is hard not to rate this as the ultimate failure of the US’ two-decade-long presence, given the diametrically opposite sources of power between the combatants:1639076029129,.?

With Afghanistan entering a new state of extreme brittleness in the coming months, both drug traffickers and terrorism should flourish. A weakened central government in Kabul will be forced to deprioritize these issues and concentrate sparse resources on holding ground and providing security to critical areas they controlThe heads of top Swiss universities and o.

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