How many years can the hottest car tyres last

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How many years can car tyres last

tires are of decisive significance to driving safety. What is the service life of private car tires? How long is the service life of automobile tires? What should be paid attention to when using tyres

let's take you to know the service life of tires today

the annual mileage of most vehicles is about 10000 kilometers. In addition, the current urban road conditions are good, and the tires of most vehicles are not seriously worn after 5 years of use. If there is no obvious crack or wear on the tire, most car owners will ignore the tire. In addition, in order to save money, some car owners insist on mending the tire without changing it even if the tire wall is punctured

1. What is the service life of tires related to

this problem should be "specific analysis of specific problems", but usually the service life recommended by the tire manufacturer is 2-3 years, which does not include commercial vehicles. It can be understood that "special vehicles" are also one of them, so these cars that can drive 50000 kilometers in a year naturally need to be replaced

2. How long is the tyre life

generally, the replacement is carried out according to the "wear" condition within the service life. According to the specific situation of tire aging, it is recommended that the tire replacement cycle be 3 years. Even if the use environment is good, the mileage is not much, and the tire wear is not big, but because of its service life, after the "warranty period, especially for Wenzhou enterprises", the road risk will greatly increase, especially on the highway

3 When should tyres be replaced

the tread loss is close to the wear mark, and any brand of tire will set a wear mark at the bottom of the tread groove. Generally, the wear mark height of car tires is 1.6 mm (this height is also the legal minimum groove depth of tires), and the wear mark height of truck tires is 2.4 mm

the tire has cracks or bulges and other damage. In the process of daily use, the tire may be pierced by foreign objects, or accidentally hit a kerb, which will lead to tire damage. The damage of the tire includes tread cracks, tread bulges, lack of tread rubber, serious sidewall wear, and the tire has been stabbed by foreign bodies for many times. Especially the bulge, the tire will burst at any time. As long as these damaged tires are found, the owner should go to a professional tire store as soon as possible to check the tires of his car and replace them in time

finally, tire year × 5. The limit expires, even if the owner usually drives well, the road conditions are good, and the maintenance of tires 6 If the friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increases or gets stuck, the tire will age gradually after a long time of use. The service life of the tire is usually about 5 years. Beyond this age, the tire will begin to age. The main manifestation of tire aging is surface hardening, followed by turtle cracks. Aging tires will lose their due elasticity, which will lead to tread deformation and tire burst risk if they continue to be used

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