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Those who take the lead in seeking change on the road of "environmental protection and energy conservation" will eventually be able to climb over the mountains

the environmental protection tax law, the three-year action plan for the blue sky defense war, the special treatment plan for the standardized construction and operation of coal-fired captive power plants, and other energy-saving and environmental protection laws, regulations, and plans have been published, greatly limiting the development of once high energy consumption aluminum processing enterprises. The release of these macro policies shows that the road once was no longer feasible, and those who have not changed will eventually be eliminated by the market. So on this road of environmental protection and energy conservation, who can take the lead to climb over the mountains? The answer is those who dare to change. Those who dare to change will be able to seize the first opportunity in this more than 2200 new battlefields

this year, nobelis, a world-renowned aluminum rolling enterprise, promoted the recycling of waste aluminum; Rusal will invest 250million US dollars to apply ecological self baking cell technology; Apple participates in the aluminum refining industry and further promotes environmental protection to the supply chain; In the special international situation, these internationally renowned enterprises have recognized the current situation, increased research and development efforts, promoted the development process of environmental protection and energy conservation, and strive to find new breakthroughs in adapting to the new situation. Facing the bottleneck of development, we have no reason to retreat, and we should pay more attention to how to do a good job in equipment under the situation of environmental protection and energy conservation. "Kennedy said, the transformation of important links such as technology and industrial chain extension, find new growth points in the industry, and climb over the mountains in front of us

in addition, on September 7, a symposium on the utilization of sludge resources in aluminum profile processing was held in Beijing; On September 19, the environmental protection publicity and implementation meeting of Foshan aluminum profile factory was held in Nanhai. A number of environmental protection meetings and symposiums were held on the treatment of aluminum processing wastewater and waste residue, which should not be liquidated with sharp tools. The exchange of opinions and the collision of ideas among industry leaders undoubtedly light up the guiding light for all those who seek change. When we are confused, we can't do without communication. When we are confused, we can't do without communication. If we get out of the self trapped circle, we will find more directions and ways out

★ the experimental process can realize imitation and reproduction

considering the current situation, aluminum enterprises should strive to be changers, dare to change and innovate. Adhere to three development concepts: innovation, green and efficiency. Reduce operating capacity, focus on environmental protection production and quality, actively respond to the national call, follow the trend of the times, and speed up the pace of enterprise transformation. In addition, enterprises should not be limited to the domestic new aluminum material market, but should take a long-term view, speed up the speed to become bigger and stronger, actively carry out technical exchanges with foreign enterprises, and strive to create high-quality aluminum materials and go global

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