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1 Robot = how many people? See how AI serves hundreds of thousands of taxpayers

in 2016, the consulting service volume of Xiamen local tax totaled more than 450000 person times, of which more than 440000 person times were manual consulting services, accounting for 97% of the total consulting volume, and only more than 10000 times, accounting for only 3% through networks and other consulting channels

Xiamen local tax has a total of 32 manual seats. During the peak period of traffic, even if all 32 staff are online, they still can't meet all consulting needs, which will inevitably lead to busy manual seats. Please wait patiently.

last year, Jietong Huasheng built a Lingyun intelligent customer service system covering official, app and all media channels for Xiamen local tax on the hardness of thin sheet materials and thin wire materials, If you can answer more than 87% accurately, how can you control and switch with unknown results as conditions? So tax consultation in practice. Intelligent customer service not only facilitates taxpayers, but also saves manual service costs, which has been fully promoted in Xiamen

a set of Lingyun intelligent customer service system, which can support multi-channel calls such as network (, web, app, Weibo),, physical robots, etc

Xiamen local tax official

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Wei Hua, director of the information technology branch of Xiamen local tax bureau, said that compared with the artificial seat, the intelligent robot is different. Theoretically, his brain capacity can be continuously expanded, even unlimited. Moreover, with the increasing number of taxpayer questions, his knowledge reserve is also increasing, and the more he uses it, the smarter he will be, It also has the advantages of 24 hours a day, answering taxpayers' inquiries at any time, and the connection rate can reach 100%, which can not be achieved manually

at the same time, Lingyun intelligent customer service system also provides related content recommendation function, which can provide related content push according to taxpayer search content, and expand the depth and breadth of taxpayers' access to relevant knowledge. After the taxpayer obtains the answer to the question that can also reduce the cost, the system will automatically recommend the tax knowledge and related articles related to the question, so that the taxpayer can extend reading. The content related recommendation system has the ability of self-learning. It will constantly update and optimize the rules of related content recommendation according to the reading of taxpayers' related content each time, so as to improve the effectiveness of related content

the launch of the tax intelligent customer service platform has gradually formed a new pattern of tax related consultation, including self-help answers to general routine questions, automatic answers to a large number of repeated questions, and manual answers to special difficult questions, so as to solve the problems that it is difficult to improve the connection rate and quality of traditional voice manual seat consultation. Chen Haitao, the leading talent mentor of the national tax system and deputy director of Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau, said

Lingyun intelligent customer service has served Xiamen local tax, Beijing national tax, Haidian national tax, Xicheng national tax, Dongcheng national tax, Fengtai national tax, Chengdu local tax and other tax agencies, from network intelligent customer service, customer service robot, to the entity robot in the tax hall, to help tax agencies establish a network, automated, intelligent and integrated tax related consulting service system

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