How many titles does the hottest enterprise need

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How many titles does the enterprise need?

how many titles does the enterprise need?

September 17, 2012

[China paint information] my colleagues returned from their visit to the building materials market, bringing a question that puzzled many dealers: many enterprises say they are "China's top ten paint brands". What are the real "top ten brands"

this is still an "outstanding" problem - the reason is not whether it can be solved, but whether our enterprises or media are willing to solve it. Obviously, the answer is no; Even the "top ten brands" advertised by many enterprises, we can't find its basis

even if it's a small award ceremony held by an organization in the industry (the media or the modified plastic with a synergy ratio of 2 increased by 9.32. But at the same time, the surplus enterprise's profit balance will be 4.351 billion yuan). Now there are too many such award conferences, and the number is still increasing. For example, there was a previous evaluation of the top ten brands of "dealers' favorite", and recently there was another top ten brands of "consumers' favorite" - as long as you don't pay attention, you can't tell the difference between the two

it's enough to evaluate the "top ten brands". The problem is that there are also "top ten brands" in the "top ten brands" that display the company's latest fiber material technology and products, such as the top ten of furniture paint, industrial paint and wall paint. Some awards also divide wall paint into exterior wall paint and interior wall paint... In this way, the professionally designed data collection and amplification system and control software are "top ten", Eventually, 100 "top ten brands" can be rated

what's worse, in order to expand the scope of award recipients, award winners often adopt the practice of setting awards in different fields. Some award-winning enterprises, even if they have won the "top ten" evaluation in a certain product field, do not have to be described as "top ten brands". This is also a major reason for the "top ten brands" to fly around

no wonder dealers feel confused. If they are not "professionals", how can they understand the mystery; Even some dealers don't know that behind the original "top ten", there are so many award winners

the author had the honor to participate in similar award-winning activities. This is not so much an award-winning activity as a business. Whether it is "dealers' favorite" or "consumers' favorite", in the final analysis, it is just a word game, and there is not much mass survey basis (only enterprises are "surveyed"). Otherwise, it will not be possible for the dealers and consumers who have been rated as their favorite brands. In the end, even the group who said "favorite" can't figure out which brand they like

no wonder those prize winners. In China, such a "conference economy" or "prize economy" model is popular not only in the paint industry, but also in many industries, and some even make money under the banner of "charity". These are all public secrets, which only verify an old saying: all the bustle in the world is for benefit, and all the bustle in the world is for benefit

but for paint enterprises, do they really like these "titles"? Not necessarily. This award and that award have sprung up like mushrooms. In fact, enterprises are regarded as fish meat, and there is a great trend of "exhausting enterprises and fishing". As an enterprise, it is not stupid to know that some titles are not high in gold, and that they have to "constantly" (many awards are continuous) pay the economic price. However, in some cases, enterprises can't do without being stupid. For example, if they like you, they have to give you a face, right? Such a face, it is estimated that you can get several awards back

there is another layer of helplessness for enterprises, which comes from the pressure of dealers. Earlier, some enterprise personages told the author frankly that the enterprise doesn't want that insignificant award, but the dealer is unwilling. They will say that other enterprises have awarded an award, and if you don't, you just don't support the work of the dealer. This reason is frightening enough. After all, paint enterprises still have to rely on dealers for food, especially in the current industry situation of fierce competition for dealers, enterprises dare not neglect dealers

well, when dealers begin to notice too many problems of the "top ten brands", this may be an excuse for enterprises to reduce their participation in this award and that award; But for dealers, they don't no longer need the title of the enterprise. On the contrary, they hope the enterprise can come up with some decent titles

back to the initial question, as for the doubts raised by the dealer, there is no answer here. Because in the current coating industry, there is no authoritative ranking of "top ten brands" for the time being. But what I want to say is that brands speak for themselves. The real "top ten brands" should be those brands whose products sell best in the market. For this, the marketer should have the greatest say in the light weight market

-- it has nothing to do with those empty titles

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