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The carton nailing machine can also nail for several days. The last process of the carton is jointing. Now there are mainly three forms: nailing, bonding and adhesive tape sticking. Due to the traditional custom that the bonding is not reliable, the most common bonding method in China is still nailing. The main equipment of the nailing method is the nailing box machine. Let's take a look at the main defects of the nailing box:

1 Up to now, most carton machinery factories have no unified standards for carton nailing machines: such as sxd120 D × 48 refers to the double inclined nail box machine with a nail box length of 1200 mm. The former is represented by the first pinyin letter of three Chinese characters and 1/10 of the main specification, while the latter is represented by two letters and inches, which brings trouble to the user units for modeling management

2 Two speed transmission The current nail box machine adopts single-stage or double-stage V-belt speed transmission power, which has only one speed ratio with the motor, so it can't adapt well when the cartons with different nail sizes need speed change nail box

3. The supporting motor is generally about 0.5 kW. Relatively speaking, the power is too large, which is a waste of energy

4. The nail box should repeat the same monotonous action for many times, with high labor intensity and low production efficiency

5. Due to different equipment models and internal structures, the machine heads cannot be interchanged (sometimes the machine heads of the same model of the same factory cannot be interchanged), which is not conducive to maintenance

6. The gap between the head and the felt base determines the thickness of the nailable paperboard. As the nailed thickness cannot be changed, no matter how thin the paperboard is, it has to go through the whole process. If the paperboard is a little thick, it will feel that "the heart is surplus but the strength is insufficient", which obviously affects the quality and speed of the nailing box

7. The names and functions of parts of different models and specifications are the same, which also brings a lot of inconvenience to maintenance

8. At present, the feeding is mostly the bearing matching gear, plus the item wire adjustment method. The hydraulic testing machine can complete the rotary washing of the iron filings in the pipe after the rib processing in the previous process, complete the length measurement and positioning of the tested steel pipe through the photoelectric switch and mechanical device, synchronously feed the pipe to the pressure test center through the synchronous feeding device, and realize the radial pre sealing of the steel pipe head screw unit and the tail through the pre sealing device, The supercharger is used to realize the synchronous pressurization of the steel pipe and the pre seal, and the pressure test of the steel pipe is realized When the diameters of both ends of the steel pipe are different, Wenzhou inkjet printer is also equipped with joint clamping device to realize pressure balance during pressure test Poor feeding is easy to occur

we might as well take another look at the defects of the nailing machine products

1 After a long time, the outside of the nailed carton is easy to rust, which affects the appearance of the carton and reduces the added value of goods

2. If the nailed carton is used for a long time, the inner surface is easy to rust and pollute the goods

3. Cartons with nails are easy to scratch the goods because the nails are metal

4. Because the contact surface of the nailed carton is connected by several nails, the structural strength is greatly reduced and the shape is unstable. It is easy to unpack when loading heavy goods, and claims for damage of bulk containers occur from time to time

5. Because the connectors of nailed cartons are metal, the cost of cartons is relatively increased, and there is no advantage in price competition. 6. Nailed cartons are restricted by the export laws and regulations of developed countries such as the European community, Japan and the United States

7. There are many problems in the recycling process of nailed cartons, which do not meet the requirements of today's green packaging regulations

again: no matter how different the form of the nailing machine is, it is composed of machine head, body, bracket, transmission clutch feeding, etc., of which the key part is the machine head. We might as well take the handpiece as the research object again

the most important part in the machine head is the punch. With the reciprocating operation of the punch, it provides customers with an ideal solution. In a very short time (about half a second), it completes a working cycle of the four processes of incoming line (including cutting), pressing, nailing and hanging. Due to the different structural design travel speed, acceleration and residence time, the time required and vulnerable parts are also different, which brings certain difficulties to the manufacturer

there are three types of punch reciprocating mechanism: cam, eccentric wheel and eccentric shaft. Cam type, also known as grooved wheel type, has the disadvantage that it is slightly difficult to machine, and there are relatively many components of the machine head. Although some vulnerable parts use small materials, steel must also be selected, and the corresponding heat treatment process is used to improve endurance and prolong service life. The other two defects, due to the small neck, are easy to cause the shaft or connecting rod to break due to the large impact force on the shaft head during driving. It can be seen that the three forms of punch reciprocating mechanism are not ideal

so far, many disadvantages of the nailing machine have plagued carton enterprises and end users. The pattern of domestic and foreign troubles has made the prospect of the nailing machine bleak, and its fate is difficult and uncertain. In a large number of investigations by experts, scholars, colleagues in the packaging industry and end users, it is agreed that nailless cartons are the inevitable trend of historical development in the future, which undoubtedly adds a weight to the rather restless nailing machine. The extension of the cartoning machine gives people in the industry new hope. Compared with the nailing machine, the cartoning machine not only greatly reduces the labor intensity, but also improves the labor production efficiency, In line with the requirements of today's green environmental protection laws and regulations, the emergence of box closing machine has effectively transformed science and technology into productivity, which has pushed forward a step

several positive signals have appeared in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. We might as well take another look at the quality of non nailed cartons: non nailed cartons change the traditional point contact into surface contact, and the surface paper is overlapped with the surface paper, which makes the appearance much more beautiful. The thickness of the lap joint can be doubled, which will not only affect the loading, but also affect the beauty of the inner surface. The lap strength of single tile cartons can basically meet the requirements of the party, government and army, and it is not a problem to load and unpack double tile cartons. This kind of performance structure determines that the case closing machine and adhesive are not the main factors. The key contradiction focuses on the specific ways and methods of lapping. HL cartons make up for the defects of nailless boxes in terms of strength. He creatively planed the corrugated board into a stepped shape and bonded it in layers. The bonded cartons have a beautiful appearance and high grade, and their strength is nearly doubled, and the thickness of the overlapped cardboard has not changed, and, Within the range of comprehensive size < 120mm, single tile carton can completely replace double tile carton. At the same time, compared with similar nailless cartons, HL cartons can reduce the damage rate by more than 98%, and have moisture-proof, dust-proof, media entry prevention and unique anti-counterfeiting effects. All green packaging eliminates the restrictions of environmental protection laws and regulations in developed countries such as the European community, Japan and the United States. HL cartons are the icing on the cake for the superior performance of nailless cartons. So far, the increasingly perfect nailless cartons, including servo valves, digital valves, proportional valves and so on, have the strength to undertake a major task in the national packaging industry. I believe that the future without nail box will be better

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