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How many brands does Chizhou wet spray manipulator have?

how many brands does Chizhou wet spray manipulator have?

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Chizhou wet spraying manipulator has several brands

wet spraying manipulator is mainly used for mortar mixing and spraying. As a typical representative of mechanized construction, it has advantages in replacing manual plastering construction. The widespread use of mortar delivery pumps has accelerated the progress of

construction and saved construction costs for the majority of construction parties, so it has been unanimously welcomed by the construction parties. In order to better let you know what characteristics the wet spray manipulator has, Ding

Feng machinery specially chose to give you a detailed introduction today, so that you can have a full understanding of the wet spray manipulator

wet spraying manipulator pump is a kind of mortar pump between fine stone pump, mortar pump and large concrete delivery pump. It has strong practicability for building houses with about 10 floors in small counties or residential houses with 3 or 4 floors in rural areas. Sanmin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. reminds users that the wet spray manipulator has a certain price in the market, which can neither be too high nor too low. Some consumers always look at the equipment with very low price, and always think that as long as the price quoted by the merchant is lower, they will buy it, but they have not considered whether the equipment is reliable in quality, and whether other factors are involved or not. Anyway, as long as they feel that the price is cheap, they want to buy it, In fact, this practice is not scientific. Because the wet spray manipulator needs to be supported by certain technology when it is produced, the cost of the equipment when it is produced is one of the issues that many enterprises are concerned about. There is a natural need to sell higher market prices for the cost. For some fully functional wet spray manipulator, the market price will definitely not be 2. Press the displacement and landing keys too low, or there will be a trap or a trap. If you see a good-looking, high-end and easy-to-use wet spray manipulator with the core of improving production efficiency on the market, but the price is half that of ordinary products, then you have to worry about whether this is some equipment that doesn't match the name? Or just some business deception skills. And obtained more than 20 patents. As one of the products of Sanmin heavy industry, mortar spraying master P6 has obvious competitive advantages in the industry. Spray master P6 is suitable for plastering the surfaces of internal and external walls, floors, roofs, beam and column structures of buildings. It can pump dry powder mortar, wet mixed mortar, field mixed mortar and other purposes, and fully meets the construction requirements of mortar mechanization. The addition of spraying master P6 realizes a complete set of mechanized operations from raw material screening, on-site mixing, pumping to floor and wall painting. Traditional manual plastering has great labor intensity for mortar on the wall, but it is better not to change the handwheel to paint on the wall directly through the mortar spraying master P6 of Sanmin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and double the work efficiency. In addition, the spraying master P6 of Sanmin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. can pump 8 cubic meters of mortar per hour, the pumping height can reach 100 meters, and the horizontal conveying distance can reach 300 meters. The speed and distance are far from being comparable to manual work. Use the spraying master P6 of Sanmin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

wet spraying manipulator saves a lot of labor costs and shortens the construction period for the construction of these projects. The traditional construction task is heavy, and transporting concrete to the floor by manpower is a difficult and time-consuming task. Another advantage of wet spraying manipulator is that it is a suitable choice for small construction projects. With the rapid development of new rural construction, many people want to take a share of this project, so many people buy wet spray manipulator to rent new rural construction. However, when they choose wet spray manipulator, they are in a dilemma. Is it better to buy trailer pump, mixing pump or wet spray manipulator. In today's market, drag pump is a kind of affordable equipment. Wet spray manipulator and mixing pump are efficient construction equipment, but the price is a little expensive. Therefore, in the case of sufficient funds, it is the most cost-effective to choose wet spray manipulator and mixing pump, with fast cost recovery. The boom is flexible and fast, the outrigger covers a small space, and the whole vehicle is easy to move. The special chassis developed for the rural market can easily cope with muddy and narrow rural roads, and has trafficability. With flexible four section arm design and single side support technology, the construction on narrow sites can be easily realized. With high cost performance, Sanmin heavy industry wet spray manipulator integrates high reliability, high economy, high safety and high durability

wet spraying manipulator can pump dry powder mortar, wet mixed mortar and field mixed mortar, which is less limited by raw materials. Its use can reduce the safety risk, do not occupy the construction elevator, and do not use the tower crane. Instead, it can pump the mortar directly from the ground to the workshop, which greatly saves manpower and time. These are some of the characteristics of the wet spray manipulator. Other wet spray manipulators have many advantages, which will not be carried out one by one due to space limitations. Sanmin heavy industry hnsmzk

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