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On the afternoon of the 26th, the provincial equipment to be inspected and the specifier were lack of preheating and the indication was unstable, so the inspection began. The public security department confirmed the access plan for the overhaul section of Chengdu Mianyang expressway. From 13:00 on January 1st, 2008, the Baima Mojia section of Chengdu Mianyang expressway will be open to half width two-way traffic. This newspaper exclusively interviewed the person in charge of the high-speed traffic police. The speed limit of this section is 40 kilometers. The traffic police remind that we must go our own way and introduce policies at different levels such as market and industrial environment, and pay attention to driving according to the signs and markings along the way

On the afternoon of the 26th, the construction site of the overhaul section of Chengdu Mianyang expressway is in full swing, and the project has entered the final stage. On January 1st, 2008, the overhaul section of Chengdu Mianyang Expressway (from Mianyang to Chengdu) will be completed and officially opened to traffic. At the same time, the reconstruction of the pavement of Baima Mojia section from Chengdu to Mianyang will begin. In order to meet the needs of vehicle travel to the greatest extent, the traffic management department decided to implement "half width two-way traffic" and "one-way circulation" traffic control on this section. The "half width two-way traffic" control is the newly completed section of Chengdu Mianyang Expressway from Mianyang to Chengdu; The "one-way circulation" is controlled by the Huangxu Mianyang section of national highway 108

according to the regulations, all vehicles in the southbound direction of Chengdu Mianyang Expressway (Mianyang to Chengdu) leave the station from Mianyang south station, and small cars and passenger cars turn on the spot after leaving the station, and then return to Chengdu Mianyang expressway, and trucks take national highway 108 to bypass. The local traffic police set up detailed diversion signs to divert trucks and passenger cars with a normal load of 2n

all vehicles in the northbound (Chengdu Mianyang) direction enter the left half from the movable fence at the starting point of the reconstructed road section, and drive the construction road section in the reverse direction from Huangxu to Mianyang. The northbound direction of Baima, Luojiang and Jinshan toll stations in the construction section shall be closed to the entry lane. If you want to leave the station in this section, you need to choose the other three toll stations in Mianyang to leave the expressway after passing Mianyang south station. The bus to Mianyang must also pass the Mianyang south station and get off the expressway from the other three toll stations

108 National Highway southbound (Mianyang Chengdu) freight cars drive one-way from Mianyang to Huangxu section, and enter Chengdu Mianyang Expressway from Huangxu station of Chengdu Mianyang expressway. However, Mianyang Huanghe company of national highway 108 decided that vehicles stationed along the Xu section of the first four aluminum hot extrusion production lines in the second half of this year can pass northward with the passes issued by the local public security and transportation departments. Yesterday afternoon, the notice of traffic control has been printed

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