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Nippon vs Dulux: how many brushes do they have?

Nippon vs Dulux: how many brushes do they have?

February 25th, 2008

[China paint information] Nippon and Dulux, the support rates of the two paint brands in the hearts of consumers are 51.64% and 44.24% respectively; In terms of sales, Nippon's market share is 40.51%, Dulux's is 38.23%, and other brands' total is only 21.26%. It can be said that in the field of coatings, Nippon and Dulux have shown an obvious trend of duopoly competition

my home is going to be decorated. Would you like Dulux or Nippon? "

"I often see duluxpro's advertisements on TV. Although I doubt whether it can really wash and wipe repeatedly and not fade, I decided to buy it. After all, the advertisements are big. But in the paint market, I found that Nippon has a good market. Businessmen say that it can prevent mold, moth, and not fade, and the price is cheaper than duluxpro. May I ask you, which is better?"

"there are too many brands in the paint market. The shopping guide suggested that I try domestic brands, but I'm still not sure. It's not that I don't support domestic products. It's because Dulux and Nippon have too high TV appearances."


the sound of microcomputer controlled impact testing machine on these networks truly reflects the adhesion of Nippon and Dulux in the current paint market. According to the reader survey of Huicong paint channel, at present, the support rate of Nippon and Dulux brands accounts for 95.88% in China's paint market, while the combined support rate of all other brands is only 4.1%. The support rate of Nippon is 51.64%, and that of Dulux is 44.24%. In terms of sales, Nippon's market share is 40.51%, Dulux 38.23%, and other brands only 21.26% in total. Therefore, in the field of coatings, Nippon and Dulux have shown an obvious trend of duopoly competition

advertising: meet in a narrow way, "smart" wins

Sony founder Akio Morita once said: "All the secrets of enterprise success are contained in two words: discovery and creation. Find customer needs that others can't find, and create things that make such needs smile. Customer needs are the soul of the market, and enterprises must accurately grasp it. For commodities, customers have not only efficacy needs, but also other needs. In order to win market success, enterprises must do one thing well - accurately establish target customers Customer demand model. "

just as there is McDonald's where KFC is located, there is Dulux advertising where there are almost Nippon advertising. The most obvious manifestation of the competition between Dulux and Nippon is in advertising. For example, in the publicity of TV advertisements, print advertisements and street signs, Nippon spends as much as US $25million on advertising in the Chinese market every year, followed by Dulux with an investment of 11.85 million yuan

Nippon: warm endorsement, preconceived

a village in a field, a group of children chasing carriages, a farmhouse being painted and its owner. From beginning to end, there is only the background music full of idyllic atmosphere, not a word of language. If the theme slogan "Nippon Paint, shine everywhere" does not appear in the end, it will be a live pastoral short film. In addition to the basic physical functions of waterproof and moisture-proof, wall protection and so on, the benefits of wall paint to consumers are almost the same as cosmetics. And consumers want it to bring a happy color of life and put themselves in a wonderful life. Nippon Paint's advertising just does this. The kind of idyllic life color and pastoral life style that it renders is exactly what urban people yearn for nowadays

the spokesperson of Nippon is a group of naked babies, which of course implies health and loveliness, in line with the slogan of "shine everywhere". But the corporate culture of Nippon is by no means so simple. Although it is Singapore's investment, Nippon still has a considerable number of Japanese technicians and marketing personnel for China's Nippon, and Nippon is also shown in China with the Japanese enterprise spirit, which also makes many Chinese feel that Nippon is a Japanese enterprise. Nippon's high efficiency, team, good talent, adhering to the style of Japanese enterprises, from architectural coatings to wood paint in full swing, has shocked the industry marketing again and again. It is also a major feature of Nippon to be good at studying competitors and collecting market information of competitors. It is not surprising that Nippon and Dulux are somewhat similar in product names

the application of building decoration materials is changing our home environment with each passing day with changes in consumption habits and purchasing power. Only those companies that can grasp the trend can get the opportunity to monopolize the top of the market

as a multinational paint company with a history of nearly 120 years, Nippon's product line covers a wide range of industrial and civil fields, such as architectural paint, automotive paint, electrical paint, marine paint, military paint, heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint, etc. In 1992, Nippon established its first wholly-owned factory in Pudong, Shanghai - Nippon coatings (China) Co., Ltd. At that time, the whole domestic market, although it has a 70 year history of coating industry production, and the number of production enterprises has reached more than 5000, there are widespread industrial phenomena of low R & D capacity, single product structure and primitive management mode. Workshop production and extensive distribution have also seriously restricted the development and promotion of new paint products with market foresight, which is not commensurate with the booming domestic housing industry

in the face of such a huge market and attractive application prospects, Nippon has clear goals and huge investment, and began to carefully layout every factory in China, adhering to its development policy of "promoting the development of coating industry as a leading enterprise" and "developing products leading the world trend with its own technology"; Actively promote and strive to work with colleagues to bring China's coating industry into an era of comprehensive product competition dominated by high-performance products

for more than a decade, Nippon seems to have become a synonym for "high-end paint" in many places, and has widely become the "preferred brand" in the eyes of material applicators and residents' families. Its rich product portfolio and multi brand operation based on market segmentation have established its strong position in China's paint market

Nippon used the "preconceived" strategy to establish its position as the "boss" step by step. In 1993, Nippon invested 30million advertisements in Shanghai, the first to advertise paint on TV, and then invested 12% of its sales revenue in advertising every year. At that time, there was no brand positioning for latex paint in the minds of customers. Nippon's advertising campaign made Nippon Paint quickly enter the minds of customers, and customers subconsciously linked Nippon and latex paint. Nippon has become a leading brand in latex paint category in the hearts of customers, and its benefits are self-evident. When customers think of buying latex paint, they will first think of Nippon and take Nippon as the best purchase choice. By the time Dulux went public, Nippon had already occupied the preferred position of latex paint in the minds of customers. Although Dulux was only one year behind the founding of the state, it missed the most valuable strategic opportunity

Dulux: British style, targeted

in British culture, gentlemanly demeanor is world-famous. As a product of British descent, Dulux also embodies its "gentleman" service attitude and charm: caring, environmental protection, considerate, etc. For example, this is the case with its advertising design. Dulux's advertising is themed by the appeal of product efficacy. Through the scene of a new generation of families in a city, it uses relaxed and humorous expression techniques to vividly show the unique functions of Dulux's products

in fact, when it comes to Dulux, most people will think of the naive dog in Dulux paint advertisement. But few people know that the English shepherd of Dulux is the best embodiment of its culture

the manufacturer of duluxpro, Britain's bournemen Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (ICI), is an established enterprise with a long history. In terms of corporate culture, it also adheres to the rigorous style of the British people. In the global promotion plan of duluxpro brand, a lot of research and investigation have been done to determine the image endorsement. Why choose a shepherd dog as a spokesperson? First, the survey shows that dogs are the favorite pets of women all over the world. Women are sensitive to colors and trends and have absolute choice dominance in family consumption. As long as they can guide the consumption of women in family members, the natural sales will be reflected; Second, the dog as a home (1) according to the technical requirements of various springs, elastomers and elastic components, the court's most loyal friend is more likely to have a sense of trust with people. Architectural coatings need to get along with family members day and night, "beautiful home, beautiful Dulux". The image of shepherd dog health wave can better reflect the characteristics of Dulux's health and environmental protection; Third, the ancient English shepherd dog is a pet of noble families in Britain, which can reflect the identity of Dulux as a high-end paint product. This is the process of Dulux's image endorsing big dog. Such rigorous selection and investigation, to the final result, is definitely not what ordinary companies can do

advertising creativity represents a kind of corporate culture, and it can also interpret the regional characteristics represented by an enterprise. Only from the advertising positioning of Dulux and Nippon, we can understand Dulux's rigorous British style and Nippon's enterprising Japanese style

with the infiltration of this culture, duluxpro's advertising has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and its product offensive has also been effective, gradually establishing its image of leading technology. However, even if Dulux products take the lead for the time being, as long as Nippon immediately follows up, customers' minds will still favor nippon, because this is an advantage of the brand's "preconceived". Nippon's leading brand advantage in the minds of customers has suppressed the development of Dulux and kept it behind. Therefore, from the competition in the advertising market, it is not difficult to find that Nippon has seized the market opportunity through the "preconceived" strategy and led the way. As a latecomer, Dulux, although it missed the best opportunity to fight for the market, avoided Nippon's edge by highlighting its own characteristics, followed closely and exerted pressure everywhere. In this regard, the two brands launched a double dragon meeting to compete in the paint market


marketing is an interesting technology, so sometimes marketing means are very necessary, such as advertising. The paint market is a field that pays attention to the effect of people's interest. At the same time, health is the "cornerstone" of this interest. Choosing a "healthy" image spokesperson is the top priority of every business in this field. If a creative advertisement can be recognized by the public, then in fact, the products of this brand have begun to be sold and promoted, and naturally, the sales performance has increased greatly after the advertisement is broadcast

from Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse to McDonald's clown and Haier brothers, these "little cute" are becoming more and more popular in the public mind. In this era of popular visual culture, cute image has become a "civilian culture" that everyone can understand. It tells the psychological feelings of most people and is the emotional talk object of many people who hate preaching, hate red tape and like freedom

Nippon Paint adopts "children" and duluxi

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