How many do you know about the eight hottest AI co

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How many do you know of the eight hottest AI companies in 2018

how many do you know of the eight hottest AI companies in 2018

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original title: how many do you know about the eight hottest AI companies in 2018

as an important representative of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, it can automatically realize heating, insulation, cooling and other work. Artificial intelligence is the most cutting-edge topic in today's scientific and technological field. One year after it was first written into the national government work report in 2017, "artificial intelligence" (AI) has once again become the focus of the two sessions. On March 5 this year, the prime minister pointed out in the 2018 government work report that it is necessary to "strengthen the research, development and application of a new generation of artificial intelligence", and once again emphasized the historical opportunities brought by artificial intelligence to China

AI has become a top priority in China's political, economic and academic fields. Leading enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence have also become the focus of most attention

today, Lao K will introduce you to the eight hottest AI companies in 2018

Shangtang technology

is one of the leading AI Head Companies in China, focusing on the original technology of computer vision and deep learning. With the mission of "insisting on originality and letting AI lead human progress", Shangtang technology has established a domestic top-level self-developed deep learning Supercomputing Center, and has become a first-class AI algorithm supplier in China. At present, Shangtang technology has established cooperation with more than 400 leading enterprises in many industries at home and abroad, covering security, finance, intelligence, mobile Internet, automotive, smart retail and many other industries, providing them with complete solutions based on face recognition, video analysis, driverless, medical image recognition and other technologies. Shangtang technology has grown into a world-class artificial intelligence Unicorn enterprise. On May 31, 2018, Shangtang technology announced today that it had received a US $620million round of c+ financing, invested by Alibaba

Yuncong technology

was founded in April 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise incubated from Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that focuses on computer vision and artificial intelligence. It is the only national team of computer vision head enterprises. It has undertaken the major basic project of the national development and Reform Commission - "public service platform for basic resources of artificial intelligence" and the major industrialization project "industrialization application platform for face recognition system". It has established joint laboratories with the Ministry of public security, the four major banks, Zhengtong and the General Administration of civil aviation to promote the establishment of artificial intelligence product standards and become the only artificial intelligence enterprise that has formulated national, ministerial and industrial standards at the same time. Generally speaking, cloud technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zimbabwe this year to deploy security applications in airports and other scenes

Kuangshi technology

was founded in October 2011. With deep learning and IOT sensing technology as the core, it is based on its own original deep learning algorithm engine brain++, layout five core industries: financial security, urban security, AR, commercial IOT, and industrial robots, and is committed to providing enterprise users with world-leading AI products and industry solutions. The core face recognition technology face++ of kuangzhi was rated as one of the top ten cutting-edge technologies in the world in 2017 by the famous American science and Technology Review Magazine MIT science and technology review. At the same time, the company was listed as the world's smartest company and tied for the 11th place. In the "unicorn" list of the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology of China, Kuangshi ranks first in the artificial intelligence category

eatO technology

was founded in 2012. The company's core businesses include intelligent security platform, intelligent health care, urban data brain, intelligent hardware equipment, etc. At present, the technology of Yitu has already served the security of more than 20 provinces across the country, provided the portrait comparison system for the General Administration of customs and China border inspection, and has been widely used in many business scenarios such as China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, heritage Internet finance, etc. vehicle identification products have also been widely used by the public security system. Yitu is also the only company in China with 1billion level portrait comparison ability, and has built the world's largest portrait system, Covering more than 1.5 billion people

Founded in 2014, Tupu technology is a national AI high-tech enterprise focusing on computer vision, focusing on image recognition cloud services. Headquartered in Guangzhou, the company has branches in Hangzhou, Beijing and Shenzhen. At present, the company has three product lines: Internet, business intelligence and security education. Among them, the Internet product line provides content audit services for many Internet companies, accounting for 60% of the domestic market. Tupu technology has established cooperation with hundreds of well-known enterprises in many industries at home and abroad, covering retail, Internet, security and many other fields, providing complete solutions based on face recognition, video analysis and other technologies. At present, the average daily call volume of Tupu technology image recognition cloud platform reaches 1billion times


was founded in 2012, focusing on AI services in the IOT field. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen. The company focuses on IOT AI services, and has fully independent intellectual property rights, world-class intelligent speech recognition and related AI technologies. The vision of yunzhisheng is to "enjoy the future with intelligence". Since its establishment, the company has established a leading core technology system in the fields of voice technology, language technology, Knowledge Computing, big data analysis, etc. using machine learning platform, these technologies together constitute the company's complete artificial intelligence technology map. On July 19, 2018, yunzhisheng completed round C financing of 1.3 billion yuan


is a voice technology company. In 2007, Spitzer was founded in Cambridge high tech Zone, England. It is one of the few companies with man-machine dialogue technology, national 2. The operating procedures of concrete pressure testing machine, which has independent property rights and integrated Chinese and English Speech Technology (speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, intelligent interactive decision-making, voiceprint recognition, gender and age recognition, emotion recognition, etc.). Its speech recognition, voiceprint recognition Oral dialogue system and other technologies have won the championship in the evaluation of the National Bureau of standards, the U.S. Department of defense and international research institutions for many times, representing the international cutting-edge level of technology. They have been rated as high-tech enterprises by the Chinese government and the British government, which have greatly increased the proportion of power batteries in the overall utilization of lithium-ion batteries. On July 19, 2018, Spitz completed the d-round financing of 500 million yuan

innovation Qizhi

in March 2018, the "innovation Qizhi" artificial intelligence business company was announced to be established. Innovative Qizhi is committed to using the most cutting-edge AI technology to provide AI related products and business solutions for enterprises, and help enterprise customers and partners improve business efficiency and value through AI empowerment, so as to realize digital transformation. The professional team focuses on retail, insurance, manufacturing and other fields, and works with industry-leading enterprises and partners to jointly improve the industry competitiveness in the AI era. With more than 100 top-level technology and industry teams, together with the most advanced AI technology, R & D and commercialization capabilities, innovative Qizhi has created a "technical product" + "industry scene" two wheel drive mode. At present, Qizhi innovation has received more than 100 million yuan of angel round investment from capital, innovation workshops and other institutions, but it has become a quasi unicorn

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