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State Grid: how many difficulties should we overcome to integrate multiple meters

Abstract: under the general trend of "interconnection +", "detection one in charge of multi meter combined certification" will be the trend of the development of public services in the future. The promotion of "multi meter combined certification" cannot be separated from the joint efforts of hydropower, gas and heat enterprises and the government

under the general trend of "interconnection +", "multi meter integration" will be the trend of the development of public services in the future. The promotion of "multi meter integration" cannot be separated from the joint efforts of hydropower, gas and heat enterprises and the government

after getting off the late flight and arriving in Beijing, Ms. Zhao, who took a taxi to the downstairs of the community, subconsciously raised her wrist and looked at her watch. It was already more than 11 o'clock at night. Dragging a heavy suitcase to the door, before she had time to take out the key to open the door, the two bright white notices posted on the door made Ms. Zhao suddenly feel a little irritable. "It seems that this business trip is long enough." She meditated in her heart

two notices, one is the tap water bill, the other is the gas company's bill

after renting her current residence for nearly three years, Ms. Zhao has never met with the meter reader of the water company and gas company, but the payment is normal

"although the payment of water and gas can be completed by Alipay, the meter reader and myself don't know how much I need to pay." What Ms. Zhao said is true. In Beijing, the vast majority of water and gas meters are installed in the user's home. Meter readers need to regularly come to the home to read meter readings. If there is no one in the user's home, meter reading cannot be completed at all. "Even on weekends, there may not be someone in the user's home, so most of them are estimated." Master Ding, who is responsible for copying the water charges of users in Beijing's Dongzhimen area, is outspoken. The so-called "estimate copy" is definitely inaccurate. When talking about living expenses, Ms. Zhao, who is engaged in information work, can't help sighing, "the information level of public services can't always stay at the stage of manual collection, which not only affects the statistics of information data, but also inconvenient for enterprises and users."

Zhang Guangyao in Jining, Shandong Province has less trouble like Ms. Zhao in his life. The golden Lanting community where he lives is the only "multi meter in one" community in Jining City, and the water, electricity and heat meters can realize centralized collection. "There are no more meter readers knocking on the door to read meters. Another great convenience is that the water and electricity charges can be paid at one time. It is much more convenient now than before, when you need to pay the charges separately for many times." Zhang Guangyao said, "but now gas and heat still need to be paid separately. If only one bill and one payment can be made for water, electricity and heat in the future, it should be regarded as a smart life."

Jining has been promoting the "multi meter integration" for two years. Although the number of users covered by the "multi meter integration" information collection has reached 130000, and a certain number of users have achieved consolidated charges, it seems that there are still several difficulties to be overcome before the centralized reading, verification and collection of water, electricity and heat meters. Among them, various issues from the technical level, industry standards, data platforms, policy support and other issues are intertwined, so that the promotion of "multiple statements in one" faces many new problems to be solved. However, it is certain that under the general trend of "interconnection plus", the "integration of multiple tables" will be the trend of the development of public services in the future. The promotion of "integration of multiple tables" depends on the joint efforts of hydropower, gas and heat enterprises and the government to promote the development of microwave absorbing coatings for radars and functional nano materials/nanocomposites for ground equipment, aerospace and Naval Weapons by the Indian defense research and Development Organization (DRDO)

when the era of "Internet +" comes

how to overcome the technical difficulties

we have to admit that "Internet +" is profoundly changing our lives. From the emergence of new business forms to opening the app to order a takeout, the stickiness between ordinary people and the Internet is getting higher and higher. However, water, electricity, gas and heat, which are important public services related to people's livelihood, do not seem to coincide with the pace of the outside world

in 2015, the state put forward the "interconnection plus" action plan, and all national ministries and commissions, provinces and cities, and industries began to actively explore and find the entry point of "interconnection plus". "Although we have opened the function of paying water charges, our meter readers still have to go home to read meters every two months." Master Ding said. In order to facilitate work, master Ding set up a group, whose members are some users in the area where she is responsible for meter reading. "I will send water bills in the group and teach users to use the payment function, but even so, it is still difficult to recover water bills. The key is that manual meter reading is too inefficient." Master Ding said frankly

on July 6, 2015, the national development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of smart electricity, proposing to "improve the information resource sharing mechanism in the fields of coal, electricity, oil and gas, support the centralized collection and reading of water, gas and electricity, build a dynamic data integration platform for cross industry energy operation, and encourage the sharing and reuse of energy and information infrastructure." With the support of policies, relying on smart meters and the "multi meter in one" information acquisition system, it has been piloted in the business area of State Grid Corporation of China

the so-called "multi meter integration" information collection is to realize the unified reading and management of multiple energy meters by unifying and standardizing the existing centralized reading standards, communication, equipment and other technical systems, and on the premise of popularizing intelligent meters in a large area and widely applying energy consumption information collection systems. In short, it is to build an intelligent meter collection platform to integrate the previous meter reading channels of water, electricity, gas and heat through interconnection, big data and other technologies, so as to realize integrated energy services such as centralized meter reading, joint charging and energy management

the reason why the application of "multi meter integration" is realized by relying on smart meters and telecommunication acquisition system is because of the inherent advantages of electricity. In terms of physical connection, smart meters and power consumption information acquisition system have formed a complete information channel. The smart meter installed on the user side is connected to the background master station system through the acquisition terminal installed under the transformer in the community, and the data of the meter is interactive with the master station system through the acquisition terminal. The data of water gas heat meter can be uploaded to the master station system in real time by using this physical connection. For example, the electric information acquisition system is like a perfect highway network, and the water, gas and heat meter can drive directly on the road

then, how does the water gas heat meter "get on the road"

"The electricity meter is active, while the water gas heat meter is passive. We can realize the continuous power supply of the water gas heat meter by connecting the power supply to the water gas heat meter end. In addition to transmitting electric energy, the power line itself can also transmit data. In this way, the water gas heat meter can realize real-time data acquisition. This is a solution to realize communication by extending the power supply. Another solution is to install the water gas heat meter end to match the electricity meter." Equipped with communication module, or add interface converter to collect the data of water gas heat meter to the acquisition terminal to realize information interaction. " Zhou Hui of the Metrology Department of the marketing department of the State Grid Corporation of China introduced

however, the completion of the technical scheme is only the first step of "integrating multiple tables". In reality, the implementation scheme is more complex than the technical scheme. Chenjinsong, the operation director of Jining Zhongshan public water Co., Ltd., said in an interview that among the more than 380000 tap water users in the main urban area of Jining, 180000 households still use mechanical water meters, and the remaining 200000 households have different specifications and models despite the installation of intelligent water meters. This situation also exists in the gas industry. On the one hand, the popularity of intelligent meters is low, and most of them do not have the hard conditions for intelligent collection; On the other hand, the complexity of intelligent meters with different specifications and models in the installation of acquisition modules, unified protocol conversion and other issues

"the promotion of 'multi meter integration' is concentrated in places with conditions, such as new communities and communities that have undergone intelligent meter transformation." Shandong Jining Power Supply Company Marketing Department measurement specialist sunhaibin said

with policy oriented support

how to overcome the investment difficulties

at present, Jining Power Supply Company has achieved practical results in promoting "multi meter integration" information collection. By the end of 2016, the total number of users of "multi table integration" collection had reached 130000. "The promotion of emerging things is definitely inseparable from the support of the government." Jining Power Supply Company Marketing Department Party branch secretary Li Jiuyong said

in fact, the "integration of multiple tables" information collection based on informatization and "interconnection +" is in line with the background of Jining's transformation and development. 5. Open the oil return valve for unloading. As a typical coal resource-based city, Jining has a very clear direction of transformation and development - leading the city transformation with the development of information industry. In 2015, Shandong provincial government listed Jining as the "information technology industry base of Shandong Province", focusing on the development of software industry, smart city industry and big data industry, aiming to build Jining into the "New Silicon Valley" of information industry in Shandong Province and even the whole country. At the same time, the construction of Jining smart city has been comprehensively accelerated, and efforts have been made to build a convenient and efficient urban management and livelihood service system. "In the future, informatization will become a business card of Jining." Wang Liang, chief of the informatization promotion section of Jining economic and Information Technology Commission, said. In order to promote the "integration of multiple meters", Jining Municipal government issued the "notice on vigorously promoting the construction of integrated acquisition of electricity, water, gas and heat", and included the "integration of multiple meters" acquisition project into the "smart Jining strategic development plan"

the policies and opinions successively issued at the national level have become the basis for Jining City to formulate relevant measures in the process of promoting the "integration of multiple statements". In the national 13th five year plan, it is clearly mentioned that "we will focus on the intellectualization of infrastructure, the facilitation of public services, and the refinement of social governance, and make full use of modern information technology and big data to build a number of new demonstration smart cities". The national development and Reform Commission, the energy administration and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the development of" Internet + "smart energy", which proposed to promote the remote automatic collection and copying of water, gas, heat and electricity, and clarified the policy guidance of "multiple statements in one" information collection at the national level. The State Council issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the work of "Internet + government services". In the 2016 action plan of the metrology development plan (), the AQSIQ made it clear that the AQSIQ, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the national household appliance company should jointly promote the "integration of multiple statements" information collection

both the national level advocacy planning and the supporting policies of local governments have set the general direction for the promotion of "multiple statements in one". However, there are still many problems in the specific implementation process. "At the beginning of promotion, it was envisaged to make the added communication interface converter used to collect water gas heat meters standardized, but the standards and protocols of water gas heat meters are not unified. Each community needs to customize a product separately, and our workload and cost are very large." Sun Haibin said. "Therefore, the top-level design of technical standards is very critical." Zhou Hui, the Metrology Department of the marketing department of the State Grid Corporation of China, said, "if the relevant needs can be arranged in place in the design process of the new community according to the mode of 'multiple meters in one', it is more helpful to reserve the equipment to be installed and the pipelines to be arranged in the process of on-site construction‘

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