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How many of the top 10 misunderstandings in the application of lighting

lighting, as the name suggests, is to illuminate the space we live in. Can a very bright space make us feel very comfortable? I don't think so! A comfortable living environment with light is very particular about the application of light sources, lighting methods and reasonable configuration. Now we begin to explore the misunderstanding of these lighting applications

1. Does the higher the power of the bulb, the brighter the brightness

with the popularity of LED light sources, the energy consumption of this new light source is at least 60% lower than that of the original incandescent lamp. It is also well known that the electronic universal experimental machine can be customized according to the needs of users. That is to say, the brightness of the original 60 watt incandescent lamp is now about 7 to 8 Watts at most. If you don't know enough about the new light source and buy the light source according to the standard of the original incandescent lamp, the brightness of your home must exceed the standard. Such brightness will make people feel dazzling or dazzling. Of course, such an environment is not comfortable. Therefore, judging the brightness of the lamp according to the wattage of the light source is not in line with the requirements. The best way is to judge according to the lumen (LM) parameter on the light source, or consult the business

2. When decorating a new home, I always worry that the home is not bright enough and try my best to install a lot of lights, resulting in a waste of

one of my brothers' living room. If the lights are all on, it can be said that "blinding your eyes" is not too much. The main light is a 15 head chandelier. Wall lights are installed on the TV wall and the background wall. The downlights on the ceiling are closely spaced. The light band in the light slot is also high light. He wishes his house had the most and brightest lights in the world

in fact, the layout of household lighting must be reasonably planned. Before the design of artificial light sources, we should consider the changes of natural light, and scientifically design the main lighting and auxiliary lighting according to the specific house type and spatial attributes. Only in this way can the lighting design present a comfortable and strategic living environment. It's not that the more lights you install at home, the brighter the better. Installing more lights is a waste of money and light pollution, which will affect your eyesight health

3. Are all ceilings suitable for chandeliers

this is a tangled problem encountered by many friends. Some friends installed a chandelier with a full sense of design in their living room, and the appearance of the living room increased a lot; Some friends also installed exquisite art chandeliers, but how do you think your living room seems to be getting shorter? What's the reason

whether your ceiling is suitable for installing chandeliers depends mainly on the height of the space. If your ceiling has a height of more than 3 meters that is expected to be fully put into production in 2017, and the main lamp comes with a beautiful chandelier, it can be said to be perfect. If the ceiling height is not high, you can also install chandeliers, which will not only show aesthetic feeling, but will bring you visual errors and feel the oppression of space. For the house type with low floor height, it is best to use the indirect lighting method that Mr. you believes, using the light belt in the light slot to light the ceiling, using the cylindrical spotlight to hit the wall or floor, and using the light to extend the sense of space

4. Did you choose the right lamp in your bathroom

most of the time, we all think that the light in the bathroom is not often used, so we just choose an ordinary one and wait, but it doesn't take long to go wrong, sometimes it doesn't light up, sometimes it flashes, in short, it's annoying, and we can't wait to tear it down and throw it into the universe

the environment of the bathroom is very special. There is high humidity air all year round. In such an environment, some electronic components are affected by moisture, resulting in poor insulation, rust and oxidation of metal contacts, which is easy to cause poor contact and even the risk of electric leakage. Therefore, waterproof lamps and lanterns should be used for the lamps and lanterns in the bathroom, and those with medium IP protection coefficient can be used. The higher the grade, the higher the price

5. Do you choose the right color temperature of the kitchen light

the kitchen is also heated. I originally wanted to have an atmosphere when cooking, but I couldn't see it clearly when I wanted to cut vegetables

it is best to use lights with a color temperature of about 5000K in the kitchen, because the working area mainly emphasizes safety, without considering the atmosphere

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