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Development and application of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe

1 product structural characteristics 1.1 structural characteristics compared with plastic pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, ordinary steel plastic composite pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, its remarkable feature is that it integrates the corrosion resistance of plastic and the strength of steel, that is, the inner and outer plastics of the pipe wall are connected through the metal hole in the middle of the pipe wall as a structural form of reinforced concrete, It not only solves the problem that steel and plastic are easy to peel off due to the large difference in thermal shrinkage, but also improves the corrosion resistance of the pipe. Compared with the plastic pipe with the same specification and the same wall thickness, the compressive strength is greatly improved, and its cost is reduced by more than 30 compared with the plastic pipe with the same material. 1.2 process flow steel skeleton plastic composite pipe is produced by extrusion, that is, high-quality low-carbon steel wire is used as the reinforcing phase, high-density polyethylene or polypropylene is used as the resin matrix, the steel wire is spot welded and the plastic extrusion and filling are carried out simultaneously, and the products are made by continuous film drawing and forming on the production line, and cooling and traction. The process flow is 1 Plastic cutting tile composite pipe 2 product performance characteristics pressure resistance steel skeleton plastic composite pipe steel is the main carrier, which can expand the data collection channel. It bears most of the pressure when the composite pipe conveys the medium, and restricts the plastic to change into axial tension. Experiments show that its pressure bearing capacity is several times that of plastic pipes with the same specification and wall thickness. The steel of the corrosion-resistant steel skeleton plastic composite pipe is completely covered, which truly achieves double-sided corrosion prevention. The imported steel skeleton plastic composite pipe has excellent chemical stability. It is insoluble in most inorganic and organic solvents under 20 ℃. It will decompose only when it is in contact with strong oxidants with high temperature for a long time, such as concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid. The absolute roughness of the inner wall of the steel skeleton plastic composite pipe, hole 3, pulverized coal dust, etc. have good wear resistance. It is generally believed in the plastic pipeline industry that since the plastic pipe does not scale, the transportation capacity of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe with the same diameter as that of steel pipe is 2030 higher than that of steel pipe The thermal conductivity of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe can be considered as the thermal conductivity of Yang 0.43, which is much smaller than that of steel pipe 75-4. Therefore, unless there are special requirements, there is generally no need to take insulation measures. The anti environmental stress cracking performance of the steel skeleton plastic composite pipe is very excellent, which mainly depends on the performance of the selected high-quality Xian. In September 1998, the U.S. independent laboratory of breutmai was entrusted to conduct a long-term hydrostatic test according to the Bi 1 plus 1283792 and six standards, reaching 10463. The report showed that the pipe had no abnormal changes. It can be concluded that the service life of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe can reach more than 5, 3. The steel skeleton plastic composite pipe takes green environmental protection as the focus of research and development. After being tested by the Environmental Health Testing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medical Sciences, all health indicators meet the hygienic standard of 8968788 Polyethylene Molding for food packaging. 3. Product application field due to the excellent comprehensive performance of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe, its application field is very wide. The main fields include oil field gathering and transmission pipe, sewage pipe, crude oil product oil transmission pipe, oil well injection polymer pipe, brine treatment pipe, etc., which is especially suitable for the transmission of sulfur-containing oil, gas, water and other media. Transportation of natural gas and gas for urban water supply and drainage. Process piping and discharge piping for corrosive medium transportation in acid-base and salt manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, pharmaceutical and other industries = domestic water and structural pipe systems such as sewage pipe, water supply and drainage pipe, ballast pipe and so on. Coal water slurry coalbed methane fly ash pipeline. Slurry delivery pipe works with Shau pumping pipe. Water pipes for metallurgy, electricity, catering and other industries. 4. Promote the application of the previous Article 4.1 the current situation and development planning of China's pipeline transportation according to insiders, the world's oil and gas pipeline transportation has developed rapidly, with crude oil pipeline transportation accounting for 85% of the total crude oil transportation, and natural gas pipeline transportation accounting for 1. The oil and gas pipeline industry is still a new industry in China, and only the northeast region, the East region, and North China can form a new industry; Natural gas has only formed a symbol, and the western region is just a pipe inside the oil, without forming a trunk line to connect with the ridge. The oil and gas industry in the central and western regions is not over yet, and it is allowed to be a product oil pipeline. Strictly speaking, there should be no different ways as a major means of transportation. It has irreplaceable advantages of roads and roads, which mainly refers to the characteristics of pipeline transportation, such as furnace stability, safety, quality assurance, low economic pollution, etc. at present, China's crude oil output is 160million, which is the world's largest oil producer. According to the prediction of relevant experts, China's crude oil output will reach a peak of 180.21 billion yuan in two years. At the same time, the large natural gas output will also increase significantly, from 20 billion yuan a year ago. 1. In 2010, the development of the western region is a major decision of the central government facing the new century, and the transmission of oil from the west to the East is an important part of the implementation of the western development strategy. According to the proved oil and gas reserves in the fire and gas areas of China's large oil regions, the central and western regions have the greatest crude oil production potential * and the natural gas resources are also concentrated in the western regions. But the market is mainly in the East, especially in the southeast coast. It is an inevitable trend to transmit oil from the west to the East, and the establishment of long-distance oil and gas pipelines is an inevitable choice for China's oil and gas industry. An expert from the pipeline bureau of China National Petroleum Corporation once said that how to push the pipeline transportation industry to the peak of development in the 21st century is the content of the current plan* In the end, China will form a pipeline, including crude oil pipeline, product pipeline and natural gas pipeline. The completion of human and natural gas pipeline will have an inestimable impact on the national economic construction and the improvement of people's quality of life. 4.2 advantages of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe in pipeline transportation after the central government implements the western development strategy and starts the West West gas transmission project, steel skeleton plastic composite pipe, as a backup resource, will be a product that can fill the gap as soon as possible in the western Hanfa basic industry, and will play a great role in the fields of petrochemical 1 mining, water conservancy and municipal construction with its superior comprehensive performance and moderate price. 4.3 introduction to the promotion and application of Huachuang brand steel skeleton plastic composite pipe since its official listing in December 1998, Huachuang Tianyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. has taken industry serving the country as its mission, quality to win the trust of users, and service to win the market as its business purpose. With the careful operation of Huachuang decision makers and the joint efforts of Huachuang people, the products have rapidly promoted the market and won the trust of users. Now, except for a few regions such as Tibet, marketing offices have been set up in large and medium-sized cities in provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and a domestic sales network has been initially formed, which has been successfully implemented. Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau Shengli Oilfield Xinjiang Petroleum Administration Bureau Wuhan urban gas pipeline Xinyang gas pipeline Yanhua group. In 2000, Zhanjiang naval wharf and many other engineering companies made a heavy fire strategic decision. Taking Langfang headquarters as the Hanfa base, they established east China subsidiaries, Southwest Company's two North subsidiaries and northeast subsidiaries in China, and planned to implement going abroad at the same time. Overseas development strategy, make better use of domestic and foreign markets and resources, and actively participate in international competition and cooperation, so as to enhance the company's economic development momentum and stamina. Conclusion since the steel skeleton plastic composite pipe was introduced, it has attracted wide attention of people in the industry at home and abroad, and has been favored by many users. Huachuang Tianyuan company will firmly grasp the leading concepts such as serving the country in high-tech environmental protection industry * adapting to the development trend of the times, and become a * meaningful * worthy national brand 1 yanghuidi in the eyes of users. Current situation, hot spots and development strategies of China's plastic industry. China plastics, 2000 2 Fu Jihong. However, when the surface temperature of the cold spot reaches 0 ℃, we are 0 years behind in road transportation. China economic times, 1999, Gong 22

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