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The development and application of self-adhesive in various industries (2)

Second, the pharmaceutical industry: the growth of life expectancy and the development of medical technology have made medicine a sunrise industry that will continue to flourish. Especially after SARS, people's awareness of health care has further increased, and the birth of more health care products has further improved the development of the pharmaceutical industry; The placement of over-the-counter drugs on the shelves makes the printing of labels of various pharmaceutical products more aesthetic; At the same time, the national regulatory measures for the pharmaceutical industry, such as the implementation of GMP certification, have prompted the pharmaceutical industry to be more standardized in packaging. The previous wet adhesive labeling will be replaced by self-adhesive labels due to various shortcomings. With the growth of pharmaceutical bottle packaging forms and the widespread use of automatic labeling forms, self-adhesive will have an absolute advantage in the industry, and self-adhesive labels account for 89% of the absolute advantage in the North American pharmaceutical industry. The trend of self-adhesive in China's pharmaceutical industry will also be the same. At present, there are also some areas in the pharmaceutical industry that are growing steadily, mainly using grazin paper self-adhesive materials with coated paper and mirror coated paper as surface materials, which requires clear printing patterns and concise words, especially for the use of descriptive text printing. Because the drugs have high requirements for safety and hygiene, there should be no glue overflow, which will cause the drugs to adhere to the dust in the air. Therefore, it is necessary to consider using materials with more uniform glue coating and better adaptability of surface materials in the selection of materials; In addition, because more pharmaceutical companies use automatic labeling, grazin paper with good tensile strength and die-cutting performance is widely used in pharmaceutical labels to meet the requirements of high-speed automatic labeling. 3、 Supermarket logistics industry: with the rapid development of China's retail industry, foreign retail giants have entered China, and domestic supermarkets have sprung up. In 2004, the total number of retail stores of the country's top 100 chain supermarkets reached more than 25000. This material has a considerable accumulation; 3 is a two-dimensional layered material made of molybdenum oxide crystal, with an increase of more than 40%, and the demand for thermal paper in major supermarkets will only increase. In addition, in the future, enterprises will pay more attention to logistics control to save costs and improve efficiency, and use bar code labels to control production management, inventory management, quality tracking and so on. Therefore, variable information print labels used in this industry will be more widely used

thermal paper is mainly used in electronic scales in supermarkets. The physical properties of the surface analysis test samples on the surface material are that the coating is in direct contact with the heated carbon head and becomes black when exposed to heat, thus displaying the text to be printed; Heat transfer paper is mainly used in various information and bar code printing in logistics. It mainly relies on the carbon head of the printer to transfer the ink on the ribbon to the surface material through temperature and pressure to realize information transfer. Therefore, thermal paper printing is a chemical change, and the information is not easy to be stored for a long time or exposed to the sun, while thermal transfer printing is a logistics change, which can better preserve the information in the process of transportation and logistics. 4、 Electronic industry:

with the improvement of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, China's electronic industry has developed at a rapid rate every year. The popularity of household appliances, the emergence and development of computers and various innovative electronic products have brought a broader market and more application fields to electronic labels, Electronic labels also bring huge imagination to the development of new products in the self-adhesive industry with their high requirements and diversity of application fields

the self-adhesive materials used in the electronic industry are mainly durable film materials, usually polyester film PET. The requirements mainly lie in strong high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which usually need to be resistant to more than 160 degrees, and need to be UL certified in the United States to ensure its safety. 5、 Tire industry:

the rapid development of the automotive industry in recent years has also driven its related industries. The annual average growth rate of 15% has also led to the increase of tire production. From the perspective of the proportion of 1:5 of the number of cars and tires, the annual demand for tires is more than 20million on on average, and the annual export volume is also rising. The self-adhesive labels in the tire market also have broad development space. With Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear Jiatong and others continue to expand their business and export quota in China, and the prospect of self-adhesive in the tire market is broad

at present, there are three main forms of tire packaging in China: professional tire labels, including cloud rail cars, cars, etc., are used to Guangya aluminum; Wrap with high-grade adhesive tape and stick ordinary self-adhesive labels; Low grade woven bag packaging without self-adhesive label. Among them, professional tire labels are mainly pasted directly on the surface of bare tires, and the surface material is covered with paper materials. Glue needs to have high fluidity and viscosity. It is usually a hot sol product, which requires good contact with the rough surface of tires to give full play to viscosity. In addition, an aluminum oxide layer will be added between the surface material and the glue to better control the text information of the highly mobile adhesive so that it will not overflow to the surface material and stick to the surface. With the rise of the overall grade of the tire market, professional tire labels will be used more widely

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