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Glass industry: the shutdown of glass production line increases and the profit remains low

maintain the "holding" rating of the industry

1. At present, the profit of the glass industry is at the bottom, and the industry is basically in the state of loss in the whole industry. The proportion of shutdown is still increasing. The industry is in the stage of de stocking, and the de stocking speed is slow, indicating the weakness of demand

2. At present, the uncertain factors in the industry at the time when the intelligent cable fault flashover tester (flashover tester) is put into use are not the risk of poor performance (this should have been expected), but how long the real estate destocking will last and when the next round of real estate investment cycle will resume

3. In the short term, we still need to wait for the de stocking of real estate, the bottom of new construction and the de stocking of the glass industry itself. I then invested R & D resources in product development and verification to maintain the "hold" rating. Specific varieties, focusing on Luoyang Glass (SPI industry analysts of the glass industry point out that the business is flexible and ultra-thin glass), CSG a (glass leader and ultra-thin glass), Qibin group (glass business is flexible) and AVIC Sanxin (glass business is flexible); Pay attention to the de stocking progress of the glass industry

risk tips:

the macroeconomic boom continued to decline, and the growth rate of real estate investment continued to decline sharply. Zhonghua glass () Department

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