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ABB ability makes full use of its application advantages to compose the digital future

in a huge three-dimensional warehouse, there are two robots, one large (irb6700) and one small (irb1200). The large robot extracts the material box from the upper conveyor belt and stores it in the corresponding position in the shelf according to the warehouse management system instructions. The small robot picks up the items in the material box and places them on the conveyor belt of the next process with the help of 3D vision. During the 2017 ABB power and automation world held in Hangzhou a few days ago, this Application Exhibition for the logistics industry attracted the onlookers. The flexible ABB Robot logistics application scheme can increase the processing capacity by 40% and reduce the cost by 30%

demonstration of ABB Robot logistics application scheme

and this is only a model for ABB Robot industry segmentation application. At the event site, abb human-computer cooperation robot Yumi applied flexible automation scheme for 3C small parts assembly, irb6700 destacking, palletizing and destacking application, robot software robotstudio virtual debugging and augmented reality application The display of many application schemes fully demonstrates the profound strength of this robot giant

digital leading industrial upgrading is the theme of ABB's activity. At the same time, through this annual largest customer activity, abb launched the industry-leading digital solution ABB ability to the Chinese market for the first time to support and help Chinese customers' digital transformation and upgrading. The robot application scheme mentioned above is an epitome of ABB's deep digitisation value of robots

using advantages to interpret digital value

I have worked in the robot field for 19 years. From the first day, I firmly believe that our competitive advantage does not just lie in controllability. To a certain extent, the control performance of robot can not be called competitive advantage, but the application will become an advantage. Said Dr. Gu Chunyuan, President of ABB China, who has served as president of ABB Asia, Middle East and Africa since july1,2017 and is a member of the Executive Committee of ABB group. He believes that there are two reasons for this. One is that applications can bring more customer value. The other is that abb has a very strong localization development and application team in China

sami atiya, President of the robot and motion control division of ABB group, and Gu Chunyuan have the same view. As a multinational enterprise that has truly realized the localization of the whole value chain from robot R & D, production, sales, system integration to customer service, we sell not only robots, but also related supporting applications, which is a complete set of solutions. We have special applications for different industries, which is our advantage and ability

Anshiming, President of ABB's robotics and motion control division, was interviewed

in fact, when the value of digitalization was only valued by many people in recent years, abb has been deeply involved in the field of industrial digital technology for more than 40 years. At present, 70million digital interconnection devices have been installed worldwide, 70000 sets of control systems are running, and 6000 sets of enterprise software solutions, The huge digital installed capacity provides ABB ability with a key data base. With its massive application base, abb has unique advantages in supporting customers in the process of digital transformation

now, abb ability, which combines ABB's industry expertise, network interconnection and the latest digital technology and innovation, has the best insulation performance. ABB will actively lead and compose this industrial change in the future digital wave

abb capability is a major breakthrough in the concept of digital solutions. With abbability, we combine all ABB's digital solutions and services to bring more convenience and greater value to customers. Anshiming introduced that abb capability is ABB's cross industry and integrated digital capability from equipment, edge computing to cloud services. ABB capability includes industry solutions that support digital capabilities and the platforms through which these solutions are built. At present, abb has launched more than 180 industrial IOT solutions for different sub sectors, covering the fields of industry, power, transportation and infrastructure

on a deeper level, abb ability connects customers with the industrial IOT through ABB's services and industry expertise, upgrades data into insight, converts insight into action, and realizes the closed loop of three steps: perceiving data, analyzing insight, and improving operations, so as to create customer value

gradually promote ABB capability in China

as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, China is an important market for ABB and its digital solutions. After more than 20 years of rapid development, abb has provided more than 5 million sets of interconnected equipment and 8000 sets of control systems to Chinese users, which has laid a solid foundation for abb to support Chinese customers' digital transformation and upgrading

in anshiming's view, digital transformation has become an important driving force for China's industrial upgrading and productivity improvement. With the official release of ABB ability, these digital technologies and platforms provided by ABB perfectly meet the market demand and become an important force leading China's industrial digital upgrading. He said that abb would gradually promote the localization of ABB capability in the Chinese market

abb ability officially released to the Chinese market

in China, abb has accumulated in the digital field for many years, and we have a large number of digital solutions. Through ABB capability, we will be able to help customers integrate and analyze data on a unified platform and develop optimized solutions, said an Shiming. Talking about the promotion of ABB capability in China, we still have a lot to do. For example, the processing of localization and the formulation and promotion of digital plans for different industries cannot be achieved overnight, but it must be a gradual process

in this power and automation world event, abb officially launched the abb ability intelligent sensor scheme to the Chinese market, which can easily realize the condition monitoring of low-voltage motors. As a typical representative of ABB's digital products, this smart sensor received great attention from the industry as soon as it was launched last year. Smart sensors the size of a business card box can be easily attached to low-voltage motors. The success of motor vibration, temperature, load and trial sales in Europe, Asia and Latin America has proved that this is a miracle. Energy consumption and other key data can be transmitted to the cloud. Once any parameter deviates from the standard value, it will give an alarm, so that the operator can take preventive measures before the motor fails. Anshiming is quite confident about the prospect of this scheme in the Chinese market. Our test statistics show that the intelligent sensor can reduce the unplanned downtime of the motor by up to 70%, prolong the service life of the motor by up to 30%, and improve the energy efficiency by up to 10%. These quantifiable added values mean that the investment can be recovered within one year

ABB has also made frequent moves in the field of digital services with increasing demand in the industry. In 2016, we set up a transmission equipment remote service center in China, which is committed to providing early warning and value-added services for customers against potential equipment failures, an Shiming said for example. For example, our remote service center can monitor the frequency converter of Huinanzhuang pump station, which is part of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project. If the pump station stops unexpectedly, 50% of the urban water supply in Beijing will be seriously affected. Through the special encryption method, we can continuously receive the data sent by the frequency converter of the pump station and send it to the remote service center. After analyzing the data, abb can give an early warning of the potential problems of the pump station

at present, abb has 40 enterprises in China, 17000 employees in 139 cities and 16 large-scale comprehensive service 4S stores all over the country, with a cumulative investment of about 15billion yuan. The continuous expansion of its business layout in China is a solid guarantee for abb to promote digital transformation and upgrading in China

from January 1st, 2017, the new market-oriented structure of ABB's four business divisions has officially come into effect. As one of the backbone of ABB's digital strategy, the robot and motion control business department is entrusted with an important task. Anshiming said that abb robot will continue to strengthen its organic growth and further enhance its own strength through the purchase of suitable but difficult parts in the production of fixtures. In terms of organic growth, we will continue to do a good job in traditional advantageous industries, such as automobiles, consumer electronics, food and beverage, plastics, metals, etc., and actively expand some new markets such as logistics. At the same time, it will continue to strengthen the advantage of digital capability. For example, abb has now realized the interconnection of more than 6000 robots around the world, which can carry out remote detection and service for robots. In addition, the introduction of AI machine learning and other advanced technologies has also greatly expanded the flexibility and application range of robots

we have also acquired the hydraulic universal testing machine produced by this enterprise through a series of other purchases, including digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, screen display hydraulic universal testing machine and microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine. For example, we acquired nub3d company in Spain, which is a leading company in 3D testing and quality control. In addition, we also acquired SVIA, which has rich experience in system integration of machine tool loading and unloading. We also acquired gomtec, an American company with strong technology in the field of collaborative robots, he said

not long ago, abb announced strategic cooperation with IBM to jointly develop industrial artificial intelligence solutions. The cooperation of these two giants undoubtedly makes the industry have more expectations for intelligent manufacturing. Abb is obviously ready to seize the major opportunities brought about by the fourth industrial revolution

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