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On June 15, Liangpeng, chief engineer of the environmental engineering assessment center with low load of the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China, led an investigation team to Qinzhou to carry out a special investigation on the feasibility of pulp and paper wastewater treatment reaching the standard in 2011

Liangbin, director of the environmental protection department of Guangxi Autonomous Region, and xiaoyingzi, mayor of Guangxi Autonomous Region, accompanied the investigation

in Guangxi Jingui pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., the investigation team listened to the reports of relevant principals and had a discussion. At the symposium, xiaoyingzi, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, expressed heartfelt thanks to the Ministry of environmental protection and the environmental protection department of the autonomous region for their long-term concern and support for Qinzhou's economic development and environmental protection. She pointed out that under the guidance of the Ministry of environmental protection and the environmental protection department of the autonomous region, Qinzhou, while vigorously developing the economy, has paid attention to environmental protection first, continuously improved environmental protection facilities, and promoted environmental assessment and approval of major projects. Remarkable results have been achieved in environmental protection. It is hoped that the Ministry of environmental protection and the environmental protection department of the autonomous region can, as always, care about and support the environmental protection work in Qinzhou, so as to provide power support for the harmonious development of Qinzhou

subsequently, the investigation team visited the operation of the alkali recovery system, sewage treatment plant and other major environmental protection facilities of Jingui pulp and paper company; The key environmental protection indicators of the whole plant, such as white water and reclaimed water reuse, product water consumption, energy consumption, alkali recovery and utilization rate, white mud and sludge disposal and flue gas desulfurization, were understood in detail. It is understood that the heat energy recovered by the alkali recovery system of Jingui pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. is equivalent to saving 30000 tons of standard coal every year. The water recycling rate of the whole plant reaches 95%, the alkali recovery rate reaches 90%, and the COD concentration of the discharged wastewater is less than 30 mg/L, the BOD concentration is less than 2 mg/L, and the SS concentration is less than 10. All of these have met the requirements of the EIA reply and are far superior to the current national standards

after the on-site visit, the research team fully affirmed the breakthroughs Qinzhou has made in cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling and other aspects, and pointed out that Qinzhou has put environmental protection in a prominent position while developing economy, and achieved remarkable results in environmental protection. In particular, Jingui pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. has adopted the advanced technical elimination method: oiling the oil tank of the universal tensile testing machine, which has realized the synchronization of enterprise development and environmental protection. The glass transition temperature is ≤ ⑶ 5 ℃. In the future, it should give full play to its environmental protection demonstration effect, provide learning reference for other pulp and paper enterprises in China, and promote the overall improvement of environmental protection level, cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction technology in China's light industry and paper industry. At the same time, it is hoped that Qinzhou will continue to pay attention to environmental protection, strengthen the construction and operation management of enterprise environmental protection facilities, ensure equal emphasis on environmental protection and economic growth, and achieve sustainable development

vice mayor luhaisheng and municipal government Secretary General Luming accompanied the investigation

during his stay in Qinhuangdao, the research team also made field visits to the 10million ton oil refining project of PetroChina Guangxi Petrochemical Co., Ltd


Jingui pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. has the first set of chemical mechanical pulp production line supporting the alkali recovery system built and put into operation in China. The chemical mechanical pulp wastewater with the alkali recovery system as the key should also have packaging functionalization, high performance and low emission technology, which has been listed in the 2010 national environmental protection technology catalogue encouraged by the state by the Ministry of environmental protection, It is a mature technology of chemical pulp and chemical mechanical pulp pollution prevention and control projects encouraged by the state for demonstration and promotion. Since the commissioning of the Jingui pulp and paper chemimechanical pulp production line, the environmental protection equipment has operated well, and the alkali recovery system has played an excellent role in environmental protection. After being treated by the alkali recovery system and the sewage treatment plant, the discharge values of COD, BOD, SS and other major pollutants of the discharged sewage are far better than the national approval standards, of which the COD discharge concentration is 24 mg/L, and the BOD discharge concentration is less than or equal to 2 mg/L, reaching the most advanced level in the world

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