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PPG's glass fiber reinforced inorganic composite plate

the glass fiber division of PPG industries announced that it had extended its partnership with ebtech industries, a global composite building supplier, for which PPG provided mil high inorganic composite adhesive (ICB) explosion-proof/bulletproof plate, a protective plate that can replace reinforced concrete. This kind of plate can be used in modular buildings, movable structures, permanent structures, containers, fences, partition systems, etc

mil high ICB board is a proprietary technology of PPG 1 Check and repair the power supply circuit, which is made of PPG untwisted coarse gauze and inorganic composite binder. They are light and easy to install in new, reconstructed or combined building structures. They have high strength and can provide reliable and predictable explosion-proof and bulletproof performance. In a thinner and lighter form, they can meet or exceed GSA standards without reinforcement and support structure

mil gauge ICB board is much like concrete in its natural color, but it is smoother and less permeable (more waterproof). In order to improve the anti threat level, a variety of finishing methods (protection, coloring, surface texture design, etc.) can be adopted

protection: the ICB board can be coated with PPG mil high polyurea coating to improve the explosion-proof/bulletproof performance

coloring: pigments can be mixed into the surface layer of the plate to provide permanent color. The plate can also be painted with PPG paint and coating

surface texture: a variety of textures and patterns can be designed for the mil to speed ratio of up to 1million ugh ICB plates, from smooth stone like to brushed and whitewashed surface. The molded pattern with appropriate color can form a realistic facade: brick pattern, mortar pattern, wood grain and customized texture are feasible

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